Twenty seven new Animal Crossing 3DS screenshots

6 years ago 6 Comments

Nintendo has dropped in a load of 27 new Animal Crossing 3DS screenshots. You’ll find new clothing, new house designs, and more.

  • Bidoof

    Not being a pain or anything, but there’s only 26 screen shots shown, an I hovered over them to get the number and it skips from 4 – 6 and there’s no image number 5 – so you know what you’re missing.

    • I accidentally uploaded the same screenshot twice. That’s what happened to number 5 and why there’s only 26 now. Thanks anyway though.

  • froggy27

    Cool! It’s just a shame we’re not taking our own screenshots right now… 🙁 lol

  • Paige

    Grahh! I wanna know the release date for Europe!! i want itt!!!!! 🙁

  • Love the new outfits!

  • Yuki

    MAN imma so getting the japan theme house and LOVE THE CLOTHES i know imma going to do tons of shopping YAY i love shopping