Deciduous Trees revealed in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

5 years ago 13 Comments

Those looking for a little more realism in their Animal Crossing might like this. It seems that some trees in New Leaf will lose their leaves when you shake them. It could also have something to do with delicious fruit as this was a delicious fruit tree but personally I think it’s a result of the winter season.

Whitney was just visiting Mint’s town and shaking some trees when the leaves fell right off this tree. We’re fairly certain this isn’t a glitch since there was a distinct falling animation and sound effect when the leaves fell off.

What do you guys think of this? Would you want this in your town or avoid them at all costs?

  • Felicity

    I always wondered why leaves kept their leaves in winter. I think it’s an awesome addition as long as it only happens in winter and they grow back quickly in spring.

    • Yuki

      I agree XD

  • scruffy1203

    Wow thts pretty cool this game is gonna b awhsum:DD

    • Yuki

      IKR XD I can’t wait to buy it

  • CrispyGoomba

    Definitely like this addition! Only as long as they don’t fall off by themselves without being shaken.

  • Tom Nook

    I always wanted that to happen!! It would be cool if you could make a dark forest town.

  • Andrew

    I think it is well needed and will give you something more to work toward when tending toward your fruit orchard.

  • Yuki

    CCOOL I so want to try it XD I like it! it will make the tree more Realistic in fall

  • Jeannette

    Love this addition, but I would hope that some trees would keep their leaves. I would also hope that they would continue to produce fruit during the winter, as my primary method of earning large amounts of bells is to planting alot of fruit trees and harvesting them. I easily made over 100,00 bells dailly that way in the other games.

  • Tom

    I like the variety they are adding! I will avoid this one at all costs but I like that it is possible! (I just think it will make my town seem better compared to other peoples…)

  • NintendoLperZDude

    I think this is a really awesome addition. I think this’ll give your town a really nice fallish/winterish touch, since every town in the past seemed to have a “summer” type of feel to it, even during the Winter, due to the trees retaining their leaves.

  • Mien

    I just had a tree that lost all leafs and it’s midsummer in my town… Does anyone know if they’ll grow back?

    • Kittykittykityytktit

      It won’t because if you shake a perfect fruit tree 7 times there would be a rotten fruit then the next day the leafs fall off,soo it might be that