Details about the Harvest Festival in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

5 years ago 14 Comments

In many places in the world, today is Thanksgiving! So today, we’ll take a look at the Harvest Festival holiday in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. If you consider details about the holiday to be spoilers, do not read or click below here!

Yuuki from our forums describes the holiday:

Basically, [Franklin] will come to your town and cook a Four-Course meal for the occasion, but you need to help him to collect the ingredients (fishes, fruits, season item). You may get those ingredients by doing fetch quests for the villagers. Villagers will stay in their house and cook, and will request different type of fishes from you.

They also noted that they think the holiday runs from 9am to 10pm. Thanks Yuuki!

  • scruffy1203

    I like the ideaof cooking ur feast but I like how. Franklin is like scared of being eaten. But I rly didn’t care for the harvest furniture.

  • Jessica

    How cool!!!! I love this idea!!! It’s too bad that we have to miss all the cool Holiday stuff this year because the game isn’t released in the US or UK yet.

  • Yuki

    wow I like this new idea but CAN WE EAT THE FOOD I SO WISH I CAN but most likely not but ill never know

    • Scruffy1203

      Well maybe. We could eat our town fruit why not turkey:)

      • Yuki

        YEA XD

    • Caleb

      WiiFolderJosh on YouTube recorded the festival and no, you can’t eat the meal. Only help cook it.

      • Ariel

        dude i totally watch that guy…..
        but it wasn’t a full video so i danno

  • AnimalCrossingKacey

    Wow…. I’m not American, so I don’t celebrate thanksgiving, but I’ve always wanted to!!!! Awesome! Does anyone have any ideas when it’ll be out for England? I know its roughly the first half or September but has anything else came up? Like isn’t it coming out in Spring?

    • Just Stoping By :)

      Well,The release date in America and Europe is in the first half of 2013,so I’m supposing the game will be out over there a month,or perhaps a week later after it’s release :3

  • AnimalCrossingKacey

    I mean 2013 not September sorry

  • Just Stoping By :)

    Wow,This seems a pretty interesting addition to the game,Fetching up food and running errands for your fellow neighboor’s is great.I’m also really glad at the hour (9am-10pm) Cause I wouldn’t be wanting to miss that festivity in real life or the game! Haha! So,Iv’e been waiting 2 years now for the game and I would just like to personally thank this blog,for keeping me up-to-date 🙂

  • Just Stoping By :)

    So,we’re expecting better graphics and probably sound? Sweet! I can’t wait to lay my hands on that game! I was planning to buy the 3DS XL Animal Crossing-themed console but it seems they aren’t going to bring it to America.It seems it’ll be exclusive for Japan only (Also with the Super Mario 3DS XL themed console).Any new news on that? Up-to-dates? Anyone?

    • Yuki

      I SO WANT the AC Theme 3DS tht wat I’m saving up for I hope they also have it in America

      • somerandomperson

        I wanted that but I had already bought a 3ds so my mom said no 🙁