Festive Stump DLC item begins delivery on December 1st in Japan

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The next DLC item set to be sent out to Animal Crossing: New Leaf players in Japan has been announced. Starting December 1st Japanese players will be able to receive a Festive Stump DLC item through SpotPass to place in their Animal Crossing homes.

There’s not much to say about the item really, it’s basically a Christmas themed stump with snow around it. Distribution of the item ends December 31st.

(via Nintendo JP)

  • Jessica

    I’m really loving all the DLC in this game! I really think it’s going to keep the game fresh and new! A “Festive Stump” is pretty funny too!!!

    Now all we need are the official US and UK release dates and we’re set! I thought for sure we would see a US Nintenso Direct this week but it’s looking like I was wrong about that!!! Bummer…

    • Haha, I should say I don’t know if “Festive Stump” is the actual name or not, that’s just what I came up with looking at it!

  • Yuki

    COOOL I can’t wait to decorate my future home Xd I want it to come sooner

  • MC

    I love the boots the character is wearing in the picture!

    • Mia the Starr

      Ya they are cute 😀

  • CrispyGoomba

    Would be awesome if we could set stuff on it!

    • Mia the Starr

      I would think so. oooohh I can’t wait!