Official Nintendo Magazine (UK) says “Spring 2013” for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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The latest issue of Official Nintendo Magazine (UK) has a 4 page spread about Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Inside the spread, the game is listed as a Spring 2013 release date.

This is pretty in line with what we’ve heard previously (first half of 2013) but I know you guys are hungry for information so I’m posting this anyway. Stay tuned to the Blog for any further updates.

UPDATE: We’ve added a picture of the magazine page thanks to Zaoth from Reddit. (and E765 for notifying us)

(via reddit)

  • Jessica

    This is total crap!!!! There is literally no reason why they need to wait that long to release this game. Nintendo is being ridiculous now. We all know that the translations were done most likely before the game released in Japan and there’s no way that the production would take until Spring 2013!!!! As usual, Nintendo has ulterior motives… Gotta build up more hype. It makes me so angry.

    • Caleb

      I agree. There’s no need to keep us waiting any longer than needed…its been what, 2/3 years now?

      • Yuki

        IKR XD tht is way to long but I heard it was early June Xd tht can’t be true

        • Jam

          Hey um, I herd that there adding more info an changing a few things, like how in Japan they have rock gardens, I herd ya know there adding stuff for each region. So O.O yeah….

    • RoosterInURbutt

      Yeah total crap! I’m gonna buy 2 copy’s just to pee on one! Then. Ill… Gift it… I guess…

  • Caleb

    Japan this, UK that, any news for the states coming soon? Its starting to be a huge let down to be kept in the dark this long…

    • Rock

      I have a feeling we’re getting it earlier! Late February for the US – make it happen Nintendo!!

      • Caleb

        And also please release an AC 3ds XL here in the states…and the pikachu one too. We’re coming for you if not, Nintendo!!!

  • Yuki

    tht way too long it should be around jan or feb or better yet dec early spring kinda sounds off I saw a gaming website say it was early June Xd no way tht could happen right?

    • Caleb

      I highly doubt it would take that long to translate, it’d surprise me if we don’t get it by February.

      • Scruffy1203

        I hope so it woukd be amazing if it came before Christmas

  • Katie

    That’s a while…. I know it takes work to translate a game, but how long could that possibly take?

  • Katie

    I went to gamestop the other day, and they said May! :'( I hope they’re lying….

    • MC

      That’s just a placeholder date. I cannot remember a single instance GameStop’s dates have been right before the official date was released. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t in the states by February 🙂

      • Katie

        I hope…

  • Jessica

    Katie – Game Stop assigns fake release dates to games to get pre-sales. The only real way to get a release date it to hear it directly from the developer. Game Stop will say anything to take your money.

  • Jessica

    I’m hoping the Nintendo of America has a Nintendo Direct conference either next week or the week after. They seem to be having one every month towards the end of the month. With any luck we might finally get a release date for the United States!!!!

    The wait for this game has been so long that I’ve actually started doubting that Nintendo is even going to release the damn game in the US and UK. It’s been 2 1/2 years since this game was first announced at E3-2010. This is one of the most anticipated games and if Nintendo doesn’t stop keeping its fans in the dark about things like release dates, they WILL lose some of their loyal gamers.

  • chillv

    My question is “why should the UK wait any longer than the US?!! forget spanish,french and other languages. They should’nt have to suffer the wait just because their country is so diverse of languages! JUST RELEASE IT IN ENGLISH AND RELEASE IT IN OTHER EUROPEAN LANGUAGES LATER!, MAKE THE WAIT THIER PROBLEM, NOT THEIRS (English Speakers)! BTW (by the way) This is coming from an american prospective.

    I’m not saying that foreign languages don’t matter but im saying that you should’nt make the NES


    suffer because other people don’t speak their language.

    • chillv

      Okay lets have a poll.

      Say Gongon if you agree with me or say yanyan if don’t

      speculation: only people who speak only spanish,french etc. and is putting this through google translate would say yanyan. otherwise everyone will say gongon.

      • kati

        that’s really unfair of you. i’m spanish and i didn’t use the google translate for answer you. so i think you shouldn’t speak like that about other countries where the language isn’t english and all the countries in europe have the same rights to get this game, not only those who speak “english”

        oh, i forgot to say YANYAN

      • Link

        Yanyan. What u said is unfair for all those countries that don’t speak English. I seriously don’t think many ppl will agree with u.

  • Paige

    Yeah because i have that magazine!! And it does say that but i dont know whether to believe it or not

  • Sam

    Hey Justin! Just to let you know that I have the November 2012 edition of the magazine, which was the one before this one.

    In that magazine they did a 2 page spread on Animal Crossing, and at the bottom they said “ETA: Sping 2013”

    I think that’s important cause despite the fact that it’s ONM, they don’t get their info direct from Nintendo! Also, I’m Sam on TBT too.

    • Sam

      Finally, sometimes I think that people need to remember that spring starts In Mid March, NOT January!

    • Paige

      Yeah i have that mag 🙂

  • Zaoth

    Haha awesome for the mention guys!

  • Bret

    If you think about it, it’s not that bad. Say it comes in March, that’s four months away. Not a big deal. And I mean, come on. At least they aren’t pushing it back again, or saying June for sure. Look at the bright side.

  • Anna

    This is beyond ridiculous now seriously how long does it take there is no reason why they couldn’t release it in December its not like they haven’t finished it and they would get good profits for christmas

    • Rock

      Because they’re releasing the Wii U for the holidays. Once the new year comes around, we’ll most likely have a definite release day.

  • CrispyGoomba

    I guess everyone here has never heard of marketing before…I mean really. Nintendo is a business. If you think they are going to put Animal Crossing out right now when titles like Assassin’s Creed 3, Black Ops 2, and the Wii U is all coming out, where does that leave AC?

    It’s just for larger sales, that’s all this is for.

    • Tom

      I agree very much. everyone is getting angry for no reason. just be patient. If I were them and I heard your whining I would cancel the game all together for everywhere outside of Japan. (it is a good thing I’m not them or Nintendo would have gone out of business years ago T_T)

  • SeanCalvinParkinson

    I understand that transalating takes a long time but Nintendo should have seriously completed it by now. The indefinate wait is driving me mad >:B

  • madison

    **** this shit im emailing nintendo and telling then you better get us some info AND A RELESE DATE OR IM TELLING EVERYONE THE TRUTH

    • Caleb

      The truth? xD

  • madison


    all we want is ACNF YOU B######

  • Aryn Swifteye

    O_O whoa…. You guys really need to calm down. I am really excited for AC: NL too, but I know that swearing and ranting won’t make it come out any faster. I agree with Tom and CrispyGoomba. :3

    • MC

      Agreed. It would be silly to release it now when a bunch of big games are coming out, and complaining about it won’t make it be here faster.

  • mdofdarkheart

    Hey everyone,
    I have a source who said the only reason ACNL wasn’t dropped from Nintendo’s List all together was fans begging for it to be released in their regions.
    Mostly the Usa!
    Uk/Eu were lucky to have enough fans beg to get nintendo’s attention for ACNL for them too.

    On a side note: My friend bought a Wii U and didn’t have a Wii.
    She told me that the Wii U needs a Wii system to work since it doesn’t have a game slot!!!

    Back to ACNL: Anyway, I’d rather have my ACNL than buy a 300 dollar companion piece to the Wii.
    In a whispered voice: Especially since their are no Wii U games I want at this time.
    Back to normal voice level: Please update asap when you find out about an American release date other than ‘Sometime in 2013’ which is all I got when I asked Nintendo myself about ACNL.

    • Link

      Wait, ACNL isn’t coming to Australia? I
      hope what you said isn’t true… 🙁