The wackiest new villager in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

5 years ago 19 Comments

Finally, Nintendo delivers what we’ve all been waiting for: A clown sheep villager! Or something. Who even knows… But seriously, what a wacky new villager to add in to the game! This is why I love Nintendo so much at times.

What’s even better is that their house is just as wacky! Check it out below:

Who is hoping for this villager in their New Leaf town? I know I am.

  • Badger

    I hope that spinner lands on a random number every time you touch it! =3

  • NewLeafObsessor

    Notice the Starfies and Starlies in the game machine? XD Btw, New Leaf ftw just let your maker translate you and release you! XD

  • Cevan

    Whoa, nice! I really hope I get them in my town.

  • Scruffy 1203

    lol I really want him in my town it’s also kinda cool they brought back boy sheep’s.

  • Joey7238

    I always wanted a clown in my town! (That rhymed XD) Now I can!

  • skyluigi

    I really want that grabber machine and the coloured spinner!

  • Felicity

    I do not want that sheep in my town or anywhere else near me for that matter. I hate clowns.

    • MC

      Same here. They haunt my nightmares…

  • Yuki

    i think i found my new favorite villager XD i hate clowns but a sheep clown is soo tooo cute XD i want he/she to come to my town tht would be so AWESOME i also like him/her furinture i want tht furinture in my home in ACNL XD

    • Mia the Starr

      If I was playing in the middle of the night, and I saw that sheep… I would probly run screaming XDXDXD

      • Yuki

        this is what ill do with the sheep at nite
        1 give him a fence
        2 when he put it in his house
        3 make him jumps over at nite
        4 now i can see clown sheeps jumping over fence XD
        this would be awesome but if only if it could work XD lolz

        • Mia the Starr

          XDXDXDXD if only it would work

  • Ana Rainicorn

    ballpit looks AWESOME i love his house but he okay

  • Jeannette

    That villager that villager is disturbing, wouldn’t want it in my town.

  • Ethan

    Is no one going to talk about the persons hat in the first picture and how it resembles Midna?

    • Yuki

      u mean the first picture i remember said tht the hat came from the game zelda you can get it by buying a Fortune cookie

      • Mia the Starr

        Hehee I wach videos and find that out :333

        • Yuki

          I watch LinandKo to find tht out

  • Tom Nook

    In the first picture, on the bridge, how come the feet are in the air?? Maybe you can fly in the new game. Lol. I wish