Upcoming Nintendo Directs for Europe and North America scheduled for December 5th at 9AM PST/6PM CET

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UPDATE: Nintendo of America has announced a Nintendo Direct for December 5th at 9AM PST which is at exactly the same time as the European one. The post below has been updated accordingly!

Look out folks, Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America have announced simultaneous┬áNintendo Directs for December 5th at 9AM PST/6PM CET! The presentations will be focused on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS content. Most likely we’ll see information for Wii U and 3DS titles coming early next year.

Nintendo of America has even gone as far to say “We’ll be taking a fresh look at several announced Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games coming in 2013.”, basically confirming the presence of Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Click here for the worldwide event times!

(via NoE Twitter, NoA Twitter)

  • Caleb

    That’s cool ^^. I hope they are planning one for the states soon as well.

    • Jessica

      I’m betting we’ll see a US Nintendo Direct this week as well… Well, I HOPE we will!!! ­čÖé Even if they have one, they could end up not saying one word about AC:NL which will totally sadden me. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

      • NintendoLperZDude

        I agree, since whenever Nintendo of Europe has a Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo of America usually have one as well. If not then any news regarding Animal Crossing: New Leaf that might be revealed will probably be really similar to any news Nintendo of America would probably reveal. Still hoping for more news..

  • Sam

    NoA have JUST announced a NintendoDirect for December 5th at 9am PT!

    • NintendoLperZDude

      That’s awesome. I hope we hear some news regarding Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I really want to know the release date.

      • TheEms55

        we better get a release date or I’m gonna go cry in a corner.

        • Mia the Starr

          LOLOLOLOLOL I will too ;.(

        • Jessica

          ^^ I’m 100% with both of you on these statements. If we don’t get a release date tomorrow I’m going to be on the verge of giving up altogether on the prospect of this game EVER releasing in the US. I can’t believe how ridiculously long this is taking! It’s borderline insane.

        • Yuki

          XD if they didn’t give us one imma go into the emo corner tooo lolz

    • Caleb

      Yay ^^

  • Sohawt

    F*** YEAH BBY ! <3

  • Ryan

    I’m REALLY REALLY looking for a release date on this game…even a scheduled month would help… like seriously x_x

  • Yuki

    wow I hope they talk about more ACNL like THE RELEASE DAYE if they don’t imma cry in the emo corner Dx

  • Tom

    Finally! A release date… at least I hope so. And let’s not forget about the other HUGE title! LUIGI’S MANSION!!!! I feel like the game has dropped off the edge of the Earth since E3. Don’t get me wrong, I want AC more but that’s not fair to Luigi. How can something beat AC?!

  • Skuxx


  • Kyler709

    Will there be any way possible i can watch it again not live?

    • Jessica

      They usually record it and post it on the Nintendo Direct website afterwards. Plus, it’s usually all over YouTube later on. ­čÖé

      • Kyler709

        If you can find a link can you provide me with it?

  • Jessica

    I am beyond pissed off right now. I’m seriously about to sell my 3DS. They SUCK!!!!! Unbelievable!!!! How much longer is this going to take?!?!?! Insane!!!!!-

    • NintendoLperZDude

      I can’t believe you would say that Jessica. I’m upset as well, but I know that the longer they take on releasing it usually means they’ll have better ideas, and there will be less bugs. Also you have the Japanese copy, and I don’t, so at least you can play the Japanese version of it (Animal Crossing: Jump Out.) Have fun with your Japanese copy, and try to feel bad for those of us who don’t have a copy.

      Anyways, just be patient Nintendo of America will reveal it at some point. I hope they fix the glitches that were found in the Japanese version.

      • Jessica

        I actually don’t have the Japanese version. You must’ve misunderstood me because I looked into importing a Japanese 3DS and the game but the cost was astronomical. Plus, I would also have to purchase a power converter because I wouldn’t be able to even charge it in a power socket. And why is it so hard to believe that I’m upset. I mean really….. It’s been 2 1/2 years since this game was first announced at E3-2010. The translations are done and if you don’t believe that then you’re buying into what they’re feeding you. I work in a Corporate office, I see these marketing strategies and how companies attempt to “build hype” before releasing a product. I’m truly sorry you took offense to my comment but really, I’ve had just about enough of the facade after 2 1/2 years.

  • kaley

    Release date is here may or march ( i forgot) 2nd 2013 and its supposed to be out sometime during the first half of 2013 so heres hoping for that to be true…doubt it though. Be patient the longer it takes the better because that means they are improving the game and they might need to finish translating all of it to English to stop making terrible comments to Nintendo.