Everything about Brewster’s Cafe in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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In the past two Animal Crossing games, Brewster owned a Cafe inside of the town Museum  This time around in New Leaf, the Cafe is a stand alone Community Project to be built when you progress through the game. Read on to learn all about it:

In order to build the Cafe a few requirements must be met:

  • Museum Store (second floor) built for about 7 days
  • 50+ fish/bugs/fossils/paintings donated to the Museum
  • 298,000 Bells

When these requirements have been met, you’ll be free to build the Cafe community project. Now you can head over to the Cafe and pay 200 Bells for a cup of coffee. After purchasing coffee 4 times you’ll have the option to take your coffee to go. This means you can walk around the down and take sips of your coffee in a cup.


One of the new additions to the Cafe in New Leaf is the ability to work a part-time job there after you’ve purchased coffee 8 times. You can work on pretty much any day between 11:00am to 11:00pm except for holidays.

During your shifts in the Cafe, a random selection of 4 Villagers (and other characters like K.K. Slider) will visit the Cafe and order Coffee. They will give you hints as to which type of coffee they like but they won’t be entirely specific so some guesses will be required. Eventually you’ll need to remember their order as they’ll begin to just ask for “the usual”. (list here)


Now of course you don’t want to work for nothing so good ol’ Brewster has some prizes for your hard work. Depending on how many orders you get correct in a shift, you’ll receive different quality coffee beans to sell for Bells.

  • Ordinary Coffee Beans – 500 Bells
  • Good Coffee Beans – 1,000 Bells
  • Very Good Coffee Beans – 2,000 Bells


Don’t worry though, there’s more than that! In addition to the Coffee Bean rewards, there are cumulative total of correct coffee order rewards. These are Cafe themed furniture items (and a uniform) which are a must if you plan on creating a Cafe room in your house.

Well, that just about details everything you ever wanted to know about the Cafe in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Discuss away in the comments below about the Cafe! Which reward do you want most?

(thanks to Zen and Jake for the information in this post)

  • Joe

    Cant wait!

    • Newman

      Joe. I see that you can’t wait. Neither can I Joe.

  • Lesanse

    GOD! Release date WHERe?

    • Mike Honcho

      Impressive. This time around the second comment is the demand. It’s like you people can’t get it through your skulls. It will release when Nintendo of America says so. When they tell us, Justin will post it. Until then, live with it.

  • Paige Sherwood-Rice

    Wow! That’s so cool, I knew you could work there but i didn’t know about the furniture and the coffee beans 🙂

  • Jonathan

    I love the fact that you must complete various different tasks to unlock the store, makes the game more interesting,

    • Paige Sherwood-Rice

      Yeah, me to!

    • Sean Lovelle Long

      Same here bro

  • It’s going to be really fun unlocking The Roost. 😛 Cannot wait for this game to be released, so I can start playing it, and enjoying my own town.

  • Mia the Starr


  • XD the cafe was the biggest thing i wanted to see in animal crossing when i saw the second trailer for AC i saw u can build a cafe i was like YESH thx for this info ill need it for my cafe room im makin in my house XDDDDD so many ideas i wannna try i cant wait

    • Louisa

      Omg same. Ah yess. The sweetness of a cup of Brewster’s coffee.

    • Katie Marriott

      I was excited that after a few visits you could take it outside, that would be fun to do in winter!!!

  • Sandra

    I don’t care about the items. WE CAN SERVE COFFEE IN BREWSTER’S CAFE. WE DON’T WORK 4 NOOK. But its kinda strange getting coffee served by the mayor, animals should be serving the mayor coffee he/she’s not lazy like they are:p

    • Katie Marriott

      they water the flowers and stuff for us now though!

    • Sean Lovelle Long

      For real lol

      • 12356o


    • Anonymous

      They are not lazy! Unless they’re lazy villagers.

  • Jessica

    How cool!!! I can’t wait to see all the other fun stuff they have setup to unlock!!! I’m particularly excited to see which Holidays they brought back and how the seasons change!!!! I haven’t seen any news on the Spring/Summer seasons since the game was released in November in Japan so that’s going to be pretty exciting! Hopefully, we get to check out the Spring/Summer months first hand!!!

    • me too XDDD

    • Paige Sherwood-Rice

      Yeah, that would be really good, we might get to see some spring things probably about March maybe?

  • Louisa

    Perfection. I just can’t wait for this to come in Europe. I think it’s kind of alright that if I don’t know the release date, I can keep on saving up to buy a 3DS XL.

    • Paige Sherwood-Rice

      Yeah, it’s like suspension… And i have a 3DS XL and i think ac will look so cool on the big screen 😉

  • ME

    after you get all of the prizes,can you get them again?

    • Justin

      You can probably order them through the catalog although I can not confirm it.

      • Bidiva

        no u can not order dem mayb u wud no dis if u went out and got ur own info instead of taking other pplz

      • M-Daniel21

        You can’t order them from the catalog… but maybe after getting every prize the cycle of prizes repeats? I don’t know. I’ve only got the coffeemaker.

  • Bidiva

    u still hvnt removed dis u lil shit

  • TheFarmboy

    Must get those Brewstroids!

  • Levi Rotiart

    WOOT JUST GOT THE GAME! Mayor YumpChevronDiamond is gonna be servin jap animals cafe’ in no time!

  • Thatperson

    The release date is June 9th

  • katie

    Is it 50 of everything or just 50 in general, as I don’t have 50 paintings or fish… yet

    • Lilukalani

      I only had 2 paintings but 50 fossils and numerous amounts of fish and bugs. So I think it’s just 50 in general. Blathers will be thinking again and when you talk to him, he’ll mention Brewster and then you can build the cafe.

  • Shaun

    It’s funny how this is the first game where we are mayor, and we have to sleep in a tent for the first few days!! XD

  • Williamthecat

    my sister has the game but really want it too

  • sarah

    thanks helps alot!

  • Nitsuadragon

    So the brewster doesn’t hold your gyroids anymore? That sucks.

  • Livvy

    I can’t thank you enough for creating this blog. BTW, have you got any tips for getting bells?

  • Monster

    None of my residents names were on the guide.

  • Walter

    But can Brewster still store your Guroids for you, like in the previous games?

    • Aren


  • Raven

    Your link to the list is useless….all in chink hocheemin writing. =

    • Mik

      Fye dolla, me ruv joo long time

  • Nongwin

    I got the Coffee Maker after 8 correct orders?

  • Aren

    Is there a way to get the furniture again? I sold my coffee maker and I can’t get it again.

  • joenas

    This recall helped me thanks

  • joenas

    I mean really

  • Izzie Lowes

    I like the look of the uniform! :-|)

  • brenze

    I was told by Brewster that if I wanted a job to ask at the side counter, but didn’t do it thinking I’d start that later. However, now when I ask Brewster to work there, he tells me he doesn’t need any help. Any idea what I should do now to get Brewster to re-offer me a job?

    • Ellyosa

      I’m having the same issue…anything?

      • Chloe

        Just talk to him every day for a couple days I had the same problem

        • Vivian

          It depends on the time of day. Just ask a couple times. If it’s too early or too late he won’t need help

    • Karen

      I am having the same problem, as well. I’m hoping it will go away, but I haven’t found anyone who has had this problem who then had it go away. I am pretty disappointed, hopefully it will go away but I don’t know.

      • From October 1-7, we were unable to work because the game considers those to be event days (since Jack will appear on one of those days). But now, you should be able to work again as long as you’re playing between 11am and 11pm.

        • Nicole

          Thank you! That makes so much sense!

    • Someone

      It could be what someone else said about Halloween?

    • boopish

      I notice that this is almost always when a villager/npc is sitting at the counter, but he might also do this if it’s too early or late and you haven’t bugged him much about it.

    • ACNL Addict

      Its on holidays he never lets you work on holidays like today is labour day for example

      • Ava

        You can not work if a villager is sitting at the bar. It is very rare that you can.

  • matthew

    it said some were you only had to wait 7 days sience the musam shop opend thank you now i now i want that job there

  • matthew

    i love you man

  • matthew

    21 more to go

  • matthew

    16 more

  • matthew

    my games gliched he moved out of town and hes on main street he wont ever leave

  • matthew

    well a guy moved out

  • matthew

    9 more

  • LaShay

    i have a question…my cousin was wondering is she can work at my towns roost cafe when i already have a job there. Is that possible?

    • Jesus and Pals


  • LaShay

    i have a question, my cousin was wondering if she can work at my towns roost cafe when i already have a job there. Is that possible?

  • Bunny Princess

    Thanks so much,now I know how 2 get the cafè

  • BIGtuna106

    I want the Brewster Gyroids!

  • Hillary

    It’s between 11am-11pm but brewster says he doesnt need any help right now :-/ it is Sunday fireworks day so I’m thinking that might be why? Anyone know for sure? Thanks!

  • molly

    That is FALSE! It took me 3 cups of coffee to take it to go so HAH

  • Abby

    Brewster wouldn’t let me work today. It’s 12:48 pm and not a holiday! Whats up with that?

  • tay

    ok so ive ordered coffee 8 times and nothing

  • Kayla Dutton

    Really want the uniform! anyone know a good table to put all the goods on though ? xD I’ve been getting the prizes with less than the correct orders it says ^^ lucky me I guess :’)

  • lalya22

    well once he offers a job for the net day u should do it thats what i dont,i found it easy to do it

  • lalya22

    so try it and if crakles one of ur customors here is some tips the beans are NOT kilimargo macho or blue muitin and he likes lots of milk and 3 spoonfulls of sugar some helpful hints

  • Dils

    Drink 8 coffees again

  • cali

    I gave my coffee maker to beau!!! Is there any way I can get another?!

  • catie

    I gave 50 fossils to the museum and I still don’t have the cafe as a works project. Help?

    • Chloe Alexander

      You have to at least give one of each thing you donate. And if you don’t already…get the second floor. If you don’t have money and you have the island unlocked go there after 7:00 in the evening and catch the fish with fins and the big bugs on the banana/coconut trees. If you see rainbow stags or giant stags catch them too. Fill up the whole basket then go back home and sell them at the recycle shop. If your lucky you’ll get around 100,000 to 300,000 bells per island trip. Hope this helps! 🙂

    • mewmew34

      You have to donate at least one fossil, one fish, one bug, and one painting or statue, and have a combined total of 50 items donated to the museum.

  • Chloe

    That happened to me as well when it was the fishing tourney, so I fast forward time to the next day and he let me. Then I want back to the normal time and he wouldn’t let me, then I went to the celebration and I tried again afterwards and he let me, so i’m guessing it was just because of the tourney ’cause no one would come to have a coffee.

  • Andrea

    If anybody has problems working at the roost and it’s not a holiday, make sure your gate isn’t open. 🙂 I couldn’t work and I forgot I’d opened my gate. 😛

  • Anonymous

    Time travel to solve it. That’s what I always do

  • Anonymous

    Get the clean ordinance and keep time traveling. Then you get prizes fast and can get shrunk emotions fast. And less weeds and immortal flowers!

    • mewmew34

      Or play the game properly and have patience. I don’t understand why people insist on cheating on such an easy game like this.

  • Jocelyn

    I can’t work for Brewster. Every time I try to ask (at the right) he just gives me the option of getting take-out coffee. Why?

  • Mal

    You can do it everyday from 11 am to 11 pm

  • sallypow

    Hi iv got 51 items in museum and 7 days since it opened but nothing is happning

  • Venom_spwn6

    Thank you for explaining this. I was geting so annoyed when my villagers complained about there coffee.

  • lucy

    anyone know if you need to be the mayor to unlock the second floor or can you be any player?





  • Cool

    Well it to early or late ask him around one

  • Rylee

    He only needs help from11-11

  • disqus_YzHdo1rtYu

    I got the coffee maker on my second play through (only 7 correct orders. 4 the first day and 3 the second) though it may have something to do with getting 100% correct

  • pengus


  • pengus


  • ndfjnfewgfnejgklb;kl/

    hey i just got wjkdjbweklbde

  • Madame Gray

    I started working there as soon as i got the option to (i’ve only gotten superb coffee beans) and he ended up giving me the items up tothe coffe mill daily, but now he won’t give me the coffee uniform? I tried to tt to see if i missed yesterday, but he didn’t give me anything that day either?

  • DJ

    This game is so fun! Right now I’m mostly jus trying to get more public work projects added. How do you upgrade town hall?

  • CatThecat

    Ok so I have TWO problems (that’s right ladies and gentlemen TWO!) number ONE he won’t let me work and it is 3:10PM I need a job you fancy pigeon! Number TWO it has been WWWWWAAAAAAYYYYY more than three days (it’s been about two weeks) I want to have my mocha that has the regular amount of milk and a butt-load of sugar TO GO!!! I HAVE BEEN WORKING FOR THAT BLIND BIRD AND ORDERING HIS HEAVENLY DELICIOUS COFFEE EVER SINCE HE STEPPED FOOT IN MY TOWN AND I’M GOING TO GET MY JOB BACK AND MY AMAZING MOCA FRAPPÉ TO. FLIPPING.GO! Thank you for listening to my complaints I just want to warn you though. DON’T. LISTEN.TO.THAT.BIRDS.LIES. You can dream about the most amazing town ever called Cake Land (it may not look like much but it is amazing!) my Dream Code: 5400-5561-2935 Mayor: Greycee

    • Mike Honcho

      I wish I could cut down trees in dreams.

  • Samekh Aniki

    So what really happens when you drink coffee?

  • alek

    Who wants to join me

  • kejr;rutmlfg

    How many days?

  • ACuriousFaaaaan

    I brought more than eight cups of coffee, but he won’t let me have a part time job, and it isn’t a holiday

  • Rose

    Where do you talk to brewster to get him to ask you for a job? I’m pretty sure that I’ve had 8 cups of coffee and I really want a job.

  • Alexandra

    One of my favourite parts is when you make a perfect cup and the villager says that you’re even better than Brewster… You see part of Brewster’s shock emotion on the left side of the screen, and it always cracks me up