Will the Animal Crossing 3DS XL/LL special edition bundle come to the west? (speculation)

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ac3dsxlAs most of you probably know by now, there is a special edition Animal Crossing 3DS XL/LL console bundle available in Japan at the moment. Much speculation has occurred lately as to whether the bundle will make it overseas to America and Europe. There’s some hope though… Read on to learn why I think so:

Well, if you’re one of the hopefuls looking for the system to make it’s way over to North America… I’ve got some news for you today. On Feburary 4th, Fire Emblem: Awakening
is releasing to the rest of the world after releasing in Japan all the way back in April 2012. Along with the game, a special edition Fire Emblem 3DS bundle was released in Japan.


A few days ago, Nintendo of America announced the release of the special edition bundle in North America. What I’m trying to say here is that there’s hope for the Animal Crossing bundle releasing here if they are releasing the Fire Emblem bundle. It’s not like it’s a Mario bundle either, Fire Emblem is definitely closer to Animal Crossing than Mario on the scale of Nintendo franchise popularity.


UPDATE: Recently, Nintendo released a special edition Pikachu 3DS XL in North America, which was previously only available in Japan. This is another reason to believe that Nintendo is more willing to release these special edition consoles overseas than in the past. Hopefully, news of the Animal Crossing bundle will come soon.


On the other hand, you could also say that the chances of NoA releasing two of these special bundles within a few months of each other is unlikely. Either way, there’s your update on the status of the Animal Crossing 3DS XL/LL bundle releasing overseas. What do you think of the bundle? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Pitfall Near your door

    Hopefully the Animal crossing Special edition bundle does come to the US and Europe! Even though i have a 3Ds ill probably still pick one up just for the sake of having it…I don’t know i just love the pattern on the Animal crossing 3Ds XL. :3

    • Paige Sherwood-Rice

      Yeah, they should do… else it’s not really fair…

  • Justin

    Personally, I’m really hoping it makes it over to the US. Some don’t like the design because of it’s “blandness” but that’s why I like it. It’s a white 3DS XL with Animal Crossing icons!

    If you just don’t like white systems then I can see why you wouldn’t like it though.

  • Lou

    I PRAY that this comes overseas. Hopefully in Europe too cause we only have like a Mario XL Bundle. That doesn’t make me want to buy an XL. But THIS! THIS DOES! I have a 3DS at the moment and It’s fine but I do want an XL. If this comes overseas, I WILL BE BUYING THIS, LOVING THIS! I love this XL SO MUCH, I need it in my life! Please come to me my beautiful console full of Animal Crossing goodness! PLEASE NINTENDO, BRING THIS BEAUTY OVER SEAS, PLEASE!!!! I WILL TREASURE IT FOREVER! I will get rid of my 3DS for it! Please, you’re so pretty you beautiful XL. <3 ;_;

  • Felicity

    I think Europe will get the Animal Crossing bundle, but the US will not. Some one mentioned on a different forum that lighter colors don’t really sell well in the US and I think they are right.

    On a side note I would personally not buy it. I think it looks fabulous and can see why others would buy it in a heart beat, but I already own a 3ds and I never liked the XL versions, they are too big for me.

    • Justin

      This is true, the lighter colored systems rarely come here.

    • Louisa

      Ah yes.. The states don’t really get lighter colours.

  • donpianta

    I’ve already told myself that once Animal Crossing New Leaf gets a solid release date i want to upgrade my 3ds to a 3ds XL… I’d love for the bundle to come out in the US, but if for any reason that is what’s delaying the release i’ll be fine with a plainer one

  • I already have the original 3DS… but I REALLLLY want this one… I don’t know what to do.

    • Paige Sherwood-Rice

      Get that one because it’s an XL so when ac does come out, you can play it on the big screen

    • Louisa

      Well, you have a 3DS charger, so you can still get this one since it doesn’t come with one. The screen’s bigger and the icons are cute. My friend got me one from Japan with Animal Crossing: Jump Out. Trust me the 3DS LL is good. It works with DS games as well as the 3DS one. In short. GET THE 3DS LL.

  • Saskia

    I think it will be fine because if Europe gets it, NA can buy the XL Bundle from Britain which is basically the same language. If NA gets it and Europe doesn’t, people who speak English can buy the XL Bundle from NA. If one of two gets it, it will be fine, I think. 😀

    • There is one problem. The 3ds is region locked, so european games won’t work with the NoA 3ds and visa versa.

      • Saskia

        But if the actual 3DS XL (included in Bundle) is American/British wouldn’t the game work cause it’s the Bundle? Example: Bundle releases in NA, British person bought it online, American XL, American game. Both would work together right?

        • Random

          Yes. You would be able to play the game if you got the bundle. But ONLY that game, unless you (using your example) buy US games and have them sent to the UK. Meaning if you already have every game you want and it’s a British copy, then it won’t work on the NA system. But I guess if you have a British and American system then there isn’t really a waste of time. Sorry if I repeated anything or wasn’t very clear, I’m sick and my mind is a bit bad at the moment.

  • kuro

    Bundles boost sales and this bundle is no exception. There are plenty of people who want the game and I do as well. This bundle will also promote digital download like the fire emblem bundle is currently doing. Consumers who want the game, but don’t have a 3DS system are in luck, because now they have a starter kit. The 3DS XL doesn’t have a great selection of colors. I don’t like the red, the blue, and I HATE the pink 3DS XL. If nintendo is going to have 2 special 3DS bundles then at least have a special 3DS XL bundle. I truly hope this comes over to the US.

    • Paige Sherwood-Rice

      yeah that is true… they make pink 3ds xl systems!!!????

  • Louisa

    Hmm. I wonder how much this is. I’m saving up for AC New Leaf, so I’m not sure about this. On the other hand, it’s so pretty with the little icons, (apples, houses etc.) imagine a Tom Nook as the power button, oh come to France soon!

  • Kio

    I have no clue. Lol. I just wanna talk.

  • winona

    I actually want the Animal Crossing 3DS LL in Japan.
    Because I will not be able to afford another 3DS next to my ice white one and I would be WAY to jealous if there were people walking around with this cute 3DS XL in their hands…!

  • Mia the Starr

    I’m not really going to b sad if it doesn’t come because I already have a 3ds

  • Louisa

    Big screen. Nice and clean. With Personality.

  • Eliazar

    I already have a 3DS xl so I’ll buy buy the game itself

  • Daniel

    Hmm, It has me wondering; the longer it takes for Nintendo to release this game, the more they improve it? Animal Crossing e+ for the Gamecube in Japan came out 1 year before Animal Crossing GC came out in NA. There were improvements from the OTHER GAMECUBE GAME in the NA version, like dialogue for example. Japan got their updated version in 2003. This means that the later North America and Europe gets it, the more improved it would be. I’m just trying to be optimistic to all the people upset about getting the game late.

  • i think they will. i already have an xl so i won’t get it but i think they will have it in the u.s.

  • Jazzy Bee

    I hope that New Leaf Will come soon to Ireland and the UK.

    We’re getting a bit sick of waiting. I’ll probably have grown out of the game by the time it arrives!

    (I don’t mean in bad way! Animal Crossing is great!)

  • Im not sure if i should get this or not… i have a plain blue 3ds, but i want this bundle so bad!

  • i wish i need to new 3ds

  • Bea

    I love the simple pattern design. I have every appendage crossed that they’ll bring this to NA. I DON’T CARE HOW MUCH IT COSTS IT WILL BE MINE.

  • Gamingreal

    im going to buy a 3ds but im holding out to see if this is going to have a uk release either way i’m buying a 3ds xl and AC

  • Gati

    I called gamestop and they said they are trying to get it to come the U.S.

  • AnimalCrossing360

    I hope it makes it here cause I set up a eBay account
    So I can sell my other dses

  • Amanda

    Please bring the animal crossing 3ds bundle to North America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • would buy this bundle day one. Animal crossing is my most anticipated 3ds game since the console released!

  • I hope

    If it does come out in the UK I hope it’s out before New Leaf so we can cancel the pre-ordered game and get the bundle 🙂

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