Animal Crossing: New Leaf releases on June 9th in North America, June 14th in Europe

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Straight from the latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo has announced Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be arriving in North America on June 9, 2013 and in Europe on June 14, 2013! Check out all of the videos from Nintendo Direct over here.

  • skuzzie


  • geoff

    dog move nintendo, dog move.

  • taygo

    I am happy and sad! Happy it is coming out. SAD it is so far off still! Thats not q1 or early 2013!

    • Daniel

      Early 2013 ranges from January-June, Mid is July & August, and late is September-December; you have to remember July-December exists too.

  • Jessica

    I’m SO EXCITED!!! June is far away but it’ll be here BEFORE WE KNOW IT!!! WooooHoooo!!! I can’t wait!!!

  • Bret

    I don’t even care that it’s June. We’ve been waiting for almost a year for these official release dates, instead of that friggin release window.

  • Pitfall Near your door

    It’s awesome that NA and Europe got a release date! Can’t wait for it in AUS! :D…man it’s a 4 month wait but it’s totally worth the wait! Be happy now that we have a Release date!…now i have to start that party… >3> XD

    • Bret

      Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Sinistrum

    After the postponement of GTA V’s release I was really terrified they could respite Animal Crossing’s release to autumn/winter 2013 in order to profit from the Christmas business.

    June is quite close to Pokémon’s release date…

  • Sydjazz

    Woohoooo so happy. Finally a date. Pity it’s so far away i was hoping earlier but i kinda had a feeling we would get a date today

  • Winona

    I’m so angry! Really!

    I’m waiting for almost three years now and they release it only a month before I will leave Europe for almost a year (which means I will only be able to play this stupid game for like a month and come back when nobody is interested in it anymore).

    I really think about not getting it now. Half a year after they released it in Japan… that’s unbelieveable and does absolutely not fit into the modern standards of video gaming.

    • TheFarmboy

      Just be thankful that it finally got a release date, and that it’s not cancelled.

      • Winona

        No I’m not, why should I be thankful? I will be able to play it only for a month, and Animal Crossing is not a game that one should play only for a month. -.-

        It would be better to not play it at all than only for a month before leaving my 3DS behind. 🙁

        • Pitfall Near your door

          Well can’t you take your 3DS with you?…i mean it’s portable and also you really don’t need internet connect on most things…unless where your going bans all Electronics from entering then i understand…

          • Winona

            No, because the people there told me that European digital systems will probably get broken because of the heat and high humidity. I’m too afraid to break it because I won’t be able to afford another 3DS. Moreover, I will work all day as a volunteer in a poor and rural area, therefore I think a 3DS is an unnecessary and weird thing to take with me there. 😉

          • Soggybons

            That is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. Your 3ds definitely will not break from humidity. I take mine all over the world and it’s still works perfectly.

          • Winona

            Why would it be ridiculous? I’ve heard of a lot of broken handys over there, and I just am afraid of breaking my 3DS. However, I did not blame Nintendo, I just think that it’s not how it should be today – releasing games with over half a year of delay. It’s Nintendos stragedy I assume, therefore I feel a bit betrayed as a fan that plays the games since her early childhood.
            I don’t know why you react so much, it was just my personal opinion.

          • People react this way because you’re throwing a tantrum over something you could change. Whoever told you your 3DS will break is an idiot and if you really wanted to you could make time to play at night and such. If you think it’s an unnecessary thing to take don’t take it, but don’t complain about it.

          • Mike Honcho

            It’s hardly Nintendo’s fault that you won’t play it, if you won’t bring it.

            Besides that, it isn’t the first time Nintendo has had delays between regional releases. The recent Fire Emblem game was only just released in North America, after an April 2012 Japanese release

    • Just take your 3DS to Europe?

  • Damn this is going to be a long 4 months! Cant wait though, I’m so happy Nintendo gave us a date 🙂

    • Sandra

      Y’know I wasn’t sure before, but after your 2nd and 3rd comments you sound like a mindless troll.

      • Sandra

        Oh sorry this was for Steph I musta clicked the wrong person ‘_’;

  • TheFarmboy

    It’s great that it finally got a release date! And it’s just before and after e3 depending on where you live. 😛

  • Valktom

    aaah, waiting 4 months now… but yea i need the game!

  • Paige Sherwood-Rice


  • Rogue

    I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit dissapointed. I was hoping for a closer date. However, I am very happy to have an actual date. I know it will be here before we know it.

  • tytygh


  • Ryan

    I can now rest…

  • Sandra

    This is how I feel right now….

  • Matt

    Welp, time to preorder.

    • Paige Sherwood-Rice

      i’m going to pre-order but i don’t know where from… most people are saying that you shouldn’t pre-order i don’t know…. what site are you per-ordering yours from?

  • Eileen

    i live in europe so exactly 4 months… it’s gonna come out like exactly after i have my final exams! that’s perfect! i can survive these months! and then: WHOOOOOOP!!!!! Just imagine holding that game in your hands! i think i will explode.

  • Ronbonbeno

    wow this is bs

    • I can tell that you’re not an AC fanatic. We are actually happy they have a release date and didn’t not tell us anything

  • Finnaly… I got the game on my Japanese 3ds but I would like to have it so i can actually play with my friends!

  • Daniel

    Well at least we all get it before summer, right?

    • Paige Sherwood-Rice

      before my birthday:3 Birthday on new leaf :0!

  • Stephanie

    GOD JUSTIN!! we want a release date! not this stupid crap post… thats all I want, the date

    • Jessica

      Huh? The release date is right there… JUNE 9th for the States and JUNE 14th for the UK. Are you located somewhere else?

      • Stephanie

        Justin keep posting all these pointless articles about animal crossing, just stuff about the game, not the release! ugh it’s like he doesn’t even care anymore about it…

        • Joe

          …umm this post is about the release date. I’m not sure I understand what your problem is.

          • Stephanie

            Justin just wants to keep the release date to himself, so HE can get ac new leaf first before all of us do!!!!

          • Bret

            Yep. He wants it all to himself. That’s why the release date is in giant capital letters at the top of the page.

        • Daniel

          It was confirmed by Nintendo, these release dates are official.

          • Stephanie

            Yeah.. Nintendo.. what do they know??? gamestop said may 1st, and the clun nintendo said frickin april.

          • Jessica

            I’m so confused. Stephanie, GameStop assigns fake release dates to games as ‘place holder dates’ as a way to get people to preorder an anticipated game that doesn’t have an *official* release date yet. The May 2nd rumor from GameStop was a guess and 100% FALSE. I’m not sure what you’re not understanding or what you have against Justin. Justin runs a blog that he doesn’t HAVE TO run but, he does it anyway and keeps us all informed and entertained. The release dates for Animal Crossing New Leaf were announced BY NINTENDO (the creator of the game so they WOULD know) on 2/14/13 during the Nintendo Direct Presentations. The game is being released in the States on June 9, 2013 and in the UK on June 14, 2013. The information is clearly displayed in Justin’s post above so you may want to re-read it. If you still don’t believe us, I IMPLORE YOU to send an email to Nintendo yourself and I guarantee you’ll get the exact same information that Justin posted.

          • Paige Sherwood-Rice

            Haha!!! ‘what do they know’ urmmm…. they created it, i think they do know. I think you’re dong this just to get attention seeing as the official date is at the top..

    • Tententen

      Are you…slow?


  • Mia


  • Mia

    kinda speechless 😀 OVER THE EXCITMENT!!

  • wow tht really kool i hope people r happy now well im not im broke lol imma buy it when my bday comes up

  • XenoVII

    For America, it comes out a few days before I graduate. So I might be in the midst of midterms. For Europe, I think it’s a day before I graduate or the day off.

    Finally! I get to experience this right before my trip to high school. It’s too bad Pokemon doesn’t come out before this. I grew up on that before I found out about Animal Crossing and I want to have some nostalgia moments.

    Time to get working on my Japanese game then!

  • Maximinun13

    Come on people I think the date is perfect . It goes just in time for my birthday in June
    So don’t ruin this for me oh and GameStop you lie!!!!

  • SayWhat?!!

    Just after the last day of school Wooo!:-)!

    • Paige Sherwood-Rice

      My last day of school for yr 10 is July 🙁 half term in May. oh…

  • AnnaZombiee


  • Paige Sherwood-Rice

    Ah! I’m sure time will fly, since we have about 9 weeks of school still. In my opinion, school makes most of my time fly by

  • youngtroll

    omfg finally damn! i can’t wait! been waiting since 2011 since the first trailer came out, i watched it and i was unbelievably excited. Of course, it took so long and what made it worse was all the false promises like “christmas 2011 release date!” or gamestop’s March 2012. or summer 2012, christmas 2012, and even around new years 2013. Finally, and official release date!

  • Meme

    When is it released in the middle east?

  • anonymous

    JUNE?!?!?!?!?!?! I want it NOW!!!!