House Expansions in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Expanding your house is essential in any Animal Crossing game and New Leaf is no exception. The process has changed a bit in this version so we’re going to go over the basics today. Keep reading to learn about the possible expansions:

The best new addition to the House Expansion process in Animal Crossing: New Leaf compared to past games is probably that it’s no longer entirely linear. What this means is, at a certain point you can actually choose what you want to build next in your house. You aren’t entirely forced into building in the order the game demands you do.


Your house in New Leaf is by far the largest house you’ve ever been able to build in any Animal Crossing game so far. It uses the Wild World style of house with extra room expansions off to the left, top, and right sides but it also contains a basement which was cut from Wild World. Not to mention the side rooms are larger than they ever were in Wild World.


So anyway, here are the specifics of the expansions. It’s kind of hard to format so bare with me here:

Starting Tent
10,000 Bells

Starting Tent to 4×4 House (Main Floor)
39,000 Bells

Expand 4×4 House to 6×6 House (Main Floor)
98,800 Bells

Expand 6×6 House to 8×8 House (Main Floor)
198,000 Bells

Add 4×4 Second Floor
298,000 Bells



Expand 4×4 Second Floor to 6×6
498,000 Bells

Expand 6×6 Second Floor to 8×8
598,000 Bells


Add 4×4 Additional Room (Left, Top, Right)
348,000 Bells each

Expand 4×4 Additional Room to 6×6 (Left, Top, Right)
498,000 Bells each

Expand 6×6 Additional Room to 8×8 (Left, Top, Right)
598,000 Bells each


Add 4×4 Basement (Underground)
428,000 Bells

Expand 4×4 Basement to 6×6 (Underground)
498,000 Bells

Expand 6×6 Basement to 8×8 (Underground)
598,000 Bells

Of course, such expansion doesn’t come cheap. If you want to fully upgrade your house to the full potential, it’s going to cost you 7,595,800 Bells total. No, that isn’t a typo. It’s really that expensive, but just think about all of the space you will have!


That just about wraps it up! I gotta say, I’m very excited about the possibilities of choosing what you build first. So I’ll ask you guys, which expansions are you going to prioritize? Additional rooms, second floor expansion, or the basement?

  • Hi To You

    I say that having a big house benefits your furniture.

    • That Is True But……. It Would Be Good Having A Huge House


  • hi

    There is no save floor in new leaf

    • Daniel

      No, you press the START Button on the 3DS to choose save & quit or save & continue.

      • skuzzie

        YESS! That is really helpful when I am far away from my home and am too lazy to go back and save.

    • littlebigmusic

      I never liked the save floor. I always thought it was pretty pointless in City Folk considering you could save anywhere you like and most people have a bed in their room designs.

      • Cathy Grandstaff

        Or in Wild World for that matter, since you could press start to save. I think the only time I’ve even been up to the save floor in either game was to change the beds to something more suited to the characters. I always wished you could change the wallpaper/flooring, it seemed a shame to be stuck with basic when there were so many great choices I didn’t have space to use.

        Though it does make me wonder: Where DO our characters go when they’re “asleep” now?

  • Eli Neufeld

    Can’t wait to start upgrading!!! Dying for all these new additions…

  • 8^2 * 6 = 396 spaces to put 1×1 things… O.o

    • Mia


  • Gotta admit, Never used the save floor.

  • Is the basement a storage space like the original or another room that can be judged like in City Folk?

    • Justin

      I’m not sure to be honest. Looking into it now.

      • You found the answer yet? I just want to know if you can change the wallpaper/flooring.

    • Daniel

      It’s the same as City Folk.

  • Jamie

    Thank goodness no save floor! I always hated it… felt like wasted space. :

  • Lou

    So you can do all of these upgrades?! 😀

  • Sandra

    It used to be annoying decorating your main room with all the doorways you need to avoid. Now cause the camera can go 360 degrees, it isn’t such a problem. Th basement is a great addition!

  • Louise

    Is it limited to how much you can put down like in WW? Or can we fill every inch like we can with the other two?

    • Justin

      There is a limit of 48 items per room. I don’t think it will be a problem though. That’s twice the limit in Wild World! (I never ran into issues with it even in Wild World personally)

      • Louise

        I always ran into problems- I guess I just like crowded rooms lol! But double the limit should be enough for me… I hope!

  • Lydia

    Will we be able to put wallpaper and flooring down in the basement?

    • anne


  • Sinistrum

    Thank you so much for this

    So being asked I prioritize “Second Floor”, next
    “Underground” with (hopefully) the “Gold-Theme” so it is
    like a jungle-thesaurus like in one of the Indiana Jones films.

  • Lan

    I think I’m going to max out the space on the ground level, then the basement, then upper level.

  • Mia

    Uhm… HOW MUCH $$$?????? XP

  • RioRita

    I hope getting bells is fairly easy, which we’re going to need when upgrading our houses!

    • SirPants

      I heard within an hour of bug catching and fishing on the island, you can get 500,000 on a good day. That seems pretty good to me.

      • Jacob

        Just about yeah. A cool 1.8 Mil is the most I’ve made in a day from it.

  • Take that, Hearthfire!

  • Cattie

    My favorite room is the basement!

  • heyitsraye

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! I’ve paid two of my house loans already, and days passed by.. My house didn’t change at all!! Can someone please help me on how and why my house isn’t getting the expansions, yet I’m paying it off???

    • Snowstar

      Have you gone up to Nook and talked to him? Unlike in Wild World, you actually have to talk with him and ask for your house to be expanded instead of it automatically doing it.

    • tori

      You have to talk to tom nook lol

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  • anon

    its just the one time. once you get access to the island paying off the next 3 expansions is nothing though XD

  • heyitsT

    i need bells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz come to my town

  • littlebunnah

    Da Fawq???

    My top floor is SOOO tiny….


  • niky

    TO MANY PAYMENTS…maybe it’s worth it

    • I Had to

      Maybe is maybe it’s maybelline

  • Amy

    I’d go with the order for the non-linier expansions: Basement, Additional rooms, then second floor. That’s just how I am used to, because I never use the second floor a lot. I only use it for a bedroom.

  • Googlebob

    Is the starting tent good?

  • Googlebob

    Is the starting tent good?

  • mialee

    it did not help me at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mialee

    I made my dollars go all the way down to 39,000 but tom nook said:I am truly very sorry but until your existing loan is paid in full I can accept no new renovation can pay your loan 24 hours a day at the bad at the ABD in the post office.once it’s all paid off, come talk to me again,hm?… AND I DONT KNOW WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jack

    well better hope you pay off nook “pocket change” or lyle will come and kill you in your sleep


    I paid my loan and told tom book and it still won’t expand my house I had to pay 39,000 bells to expand my house. Is there anything I can do that my house will finally expand

  • Joker

    to get the bells to upgrade your house you would have to sell 75,958 of your native fruit (apples,cherries,pears,oranges,or peaches) to retail.

  • animalgirl12222222222

    did it.DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!for no reason. picture proof!also I have something,something,something bells on my account for sure I know,not lying,that I have 100 and something for the first two or three digits.Plz view the pics.:-D

  • animalgirl12222222222

    nghnghngh,in the post I recently posted I put pictures in and they didn’t come out!:-(

  • buttybutt

    Heeeeey i wuv animal crossing

  • Marina

    When am I able to add new floors or rooms? The only thing Tom Nook has allowed me to do is expand my main room. I have done this several times, but its the only thing he offers to do whenever I talk to him.

  • Dallas 11

    Heyitsraye You have to take to Tom Nook and then your house will be expanded

  • Haley

    Where do you go to pay your house off