Iwata acknowledges worldwide demand for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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During the Q&A section of the most recent Financial Briefing, Mr. Iwata was asked about the sales potential of Animal Crossing: New Leaf overseas. He was quick to point that there are some core fans of the series overseas as well, not only in Japan.

Remember the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Japanese Direct a few months back? I’m sure all of you watched it and Iwata is no stranger to that. He mentioned that many customers worldwide watched the video and he received a lot of requests from overseas customers asking to be able to play it as soon as possible.

It’s good to know that Nintendo isn’t oblivious to the worldwide demand for New Leaf, they are certainly aware it exists. Miyamoto made a comment as well about how Nintendo is currently investigating how to best promote the game overseas. Let’s hope this includes bringing over the special edition 3DS XL bundle? : D

If you wish to read the whole Q&A, view the source link. Be sure to leave any thoughts you have in the comments below.

(via Nintendo JP)

  • Ryan

    Good to see some acknowledgement lol

  • this must mean its coming soon, right?

  • Daniel

    See everyone, Nintendo does care.

  • TheEms55

    I say stop thinking of ways to present the game, finish the translations, and get us the game. That’d be perfect.

    • TheEms55

      And well, obviously use the XL bundle as the way of presentation.

  • Eteocles

    I think I understand why Animal Crossing NL hasn’t been fully announced in the US or UK yet. Because it was so popular in Japan this year, Nintendo took a step back to analyze demographics and marketing choices to see as to how it could better market ACNL in western countries.

    “You mentioned that the reception of “Animal Crossing: Wild World” was not so good overseas. The sales of this game have reached no less than five million copies overseas. There are few companies whose result of selling more than five million copies of a product is considered not up to scratch.” (Miyamoto)

    With this information, to me it becomes it apparent that Nintendo is really trying to see how they can best increase the appeal of ACNL in the US and European countries. It’s not that the game hasn’t been localized yet or translated – it’s the simple fact that Nintendo is trying to make the best profit and target as large of a demographic as possible, so that they can emulate the same popularity that they have seen in Japan.

    • Eteocles

      Oops. Perhaps I didn’t make it too clear that Nintendo hasn’t begun promotion in Western nations yet because they’re still working on marketing strategies 😉

      • Eteocles

        Once again I find one of my points moot.

        “Although it is important how to promote this game through Twitter and other media, the basic stance as a developer is, first of all, to localize this game carefully. We have a lot of issues to consider, including how Japanese puns should be translated, for example why a white turnip can be traded like a stock.”

        Localization remains an issue too, apparently. Looks like they’re busy in multiple fronts, which further explains why ACNL hasn’t been announced yet. They’re really trying to make this game as widely appealing as possible.

  • C

    Animal Crossing New Leaf better be in the next USA Nintendo Direct or I’m going to SCREAM MY BRAINS OUT !!!!!

    • Paige Sherwood-Rice

      Woah there…

    • Bret

      Too late lol. Already did

  • Lou

    If you wanna make big bucks then bring the bundle overseas!

  • pickle

    give me ze game

  • Kuro

    A Nintendo direct, ads, promotions at GameStop, and a commercial it two would not hurt. Hell y not just tweet about it? Ask consumers what they want?

    • Mike Honcho

      Ask consumers what they want? That’s moronic. They’re talking marketing, not content. Unless perhaps, you meant to say that you’d but it of the package had a neat bow tied on top? Nintendo Directs aren’t meant for advertising either, they’re meant to show off content and give information regarding Nintendo and their products.

  • It would be nice if they gave us the bundle thing with the animal crossing, it would give me an excuse to get the 3ds XL

  • Just sell the game and become millionaires again

  • Jamie

    Look at that face… he’s practically screaming “HA HA LOOK WHAT I HAVE WESTERNERS! :D”

  • well tht good but he should have demand a long time ago lol just sayin idc i have others thing i want to do plus im broke which means i have loads of time to get money

  • Sydjazz

    I just wishe we had more details. Like how far they are into developing the english version and a new english tralier would be nice too

  • just can’t wait for this I reserved it back when the 3ds first came out but I can wait I will just play the 20 ambassador games and Wii U until it releases 😛

  • Sammy

    I wonder if this means they’ll make many localisation changes? I know with some first party games that have come out recently (Style Savvy 3DS springs to mind) a lot of language choices, names, skin colors, etc have been changed even between UK and US versions.

    I wonder if they would change the turnip to something that would make more “sense” in America, like buying and selling breads? Because bread is used as a slang term for money in the US. Or clams???

    I’m not sure how to feel about things like this.