The Nookling Stores of Animal Crossing: New Leaf and How to Unlock Them

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We all know that Animal Crossing: New Leaf has a lot of stores but do you know the details? We’re going over all of the major stores soon and how to unlock them. Today’s post is all about the Nookling stores in New Leaf so keep reading for all the details!

Let’s get the first major change out of the way: Tom Nook no longer operates the stores, instead his former assistants Timmy & Tommy have taken over operation. For this reason, I will often be referring to the stores as Nookling stores or Timmy & Tommy stores.

Nookling Junction – 8AM to 10PM (Early Bird: 6AM, Night Owl: Midnight)


Nookling Junction is the starter Nookling store in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It’s the most similar to Nook’s Cranny in previous games with only the most basic offerings and average hours of operation.

You’ll find two Tools, two pieces of Furniture, one Wallpaper + Carpet, one Stationery, one Wrapping Paper, and one Fortune Cookie.

T&T Mart – 7AM to Midnight (Early Bird: 6AM, Night Owl: 5AM)


T&T Mart is the second Nookling store in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It’s the most similar to Nook N’ Go in previous games with slightly improved offerings and amazing hours of operation.

You’ll find three Tools, three pieces of Furniture, two Fortune Cookies, two Wallpaper + Carpet, one Stationery, one Wrapping Paper, and one Medicine. Additionally, the catalog machine will become available allowing you to order items which you have previously obtained.

Expansion Criteria:

  • 10,000 Bell house downpayment completed
  • 12,000 Bells spent at Nookling Junction
  • 7 days passed since your first Public Work Project

Super T&T – 9AM to 8PM (Early Bird: 6AM, Night Owl: Midnight)


Super T&T is the third Nookling store in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It’s the most similar to Nookway in previous games with average offerings and the most limited hours of operation.

You’ll find four pieces of Furniture, three Tools, two Fortune Cookies, two Wallpaper + Carpet, two Stationery, one Wrapping Paper, one Medicine, and one Melody Card. Additionally, wall Furniture pieces will begin to appear for sale. These pieces of Furniture are unique to New Leaf in that they actually attach to the wall like a clock.

Expansion Criteria:

  • 25,000 Bells spent at T&T Mart
  • 10 days passed since opening of T&T Mart
  • 10 days passed since opening of the Garden Shop

T.I.Y – 10AM to 11PM (Early Bird: 6AM, Night Owl: 3AM)


T.I.Y is the fourth Nookling store in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Being the fourth store you would think it would be similar to Nookingtons in the previous games but it actually lacks a second floor. However, it still retains a great selection of goods and fairly good hours of operation.

You’ll find five pieces of Furniture, three Tools, two Fortune Cookies, two Wallpaper + Carpet, two Stationery, one Wrapping Paper, one Medicine, one Melody Card, and one Music. Additionally, the Garden Center* will merge into the main Nookling building rather than a separate building like the previous stores.

Expansion Criteria:

  • 50,000 Bells spent at Super T&T
  • 21 days passed since opening of Super T&T

T&T Emporium – 9AM to 9PM (Early Bird: 6AM, Night Owl: Midnight)


T&T Emporium is the fifth Nookling store in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, unprecedented as all previous games had only 4 stores. It’s most similar to Nookingtons in the massive amount of goods offered with 3 floors but that comes with reduced hours of operation.

The first floor has the main products, the second floor has all of the furniture a man could hope for, and the third floor houses Gracie Grace with expensive premium designer items!

Expansion Criteria:

  • Four completed satisfactory Gracie Fashion Checks
  • 100,000 Bells spent at T.I.Y
  • 30 days passed since opening of T.I.Y


Phew! That’s about everything! I hope you’ll find it very informative with all of the details you could ever want. If you actually took the time to read the entire post, which store is your favourite? Sure, the T&T Emporium is the largest but the Convenience Store has fantastic hours! Leave a comment below.

Don’t forget to check back later in the week for more posts discussing the rest of the stores in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

  • Pitfall Near your door

    Thanks for this Justin! This really helps a lot! 😀 Even though i played the past games and though getting the stores upgraded was easy then…but for New leaf it will be a hassle! XD Thanks again for putting this up! :3

  • Sinistrum

    Thank you very much!

    I am lucky that nowadays it is no more necessary to have a foreign person have
    bought an item at your shop.

    Maybe my mathematics broke but how are opening-hours of
    “Convenience Store* – 7AM to 12AM (Early Bird: 6AM, Night Owl: 5AM)”
    supposed to be called
    “fantastic hours […] and amazing hours of operation”
    5 hours are not that much?

    However, thank you very much, once again; this kind of overview was really something I was looking for.

    • hi

      Its 17hrs not 5

    • Justin

      12AM means midnight, not noon. Sorry for the confusion, I’ll update the article.

    • Sinistrum

      Thank you for clearing it up =).

  • Sandra

    The bigger one is the best. Sure the hours absolutely suck but hey not that badly. Gracie’s Grace is almost the best part and its funny how upgrading it depends on successful fashion checks. At least it’ll be a challenge cause all it took was like a max of 4 days in previous versions. But in other news, would someone tell me what a melody card is?

    • Justin

      I am not 100% certain but my understanding is that Melody Cards are a special type of stationery with music. Kind of like those cards you can buy that play music when you open them!

      • Sandra

        That’s soo cool!! I hope you’re right!

    • Anonymous

      A melody card is card you may write to anyone in your town, and you may customize a tune to go with it. (: when you open one the time you sent is played while reading it. (Via the actual gameplay)

      • suzy

        I thought it had the notes so you can change your towns tune??

    • A Melody Card, as explained by LinandKo, is a stationary item and when you write on it you first can choose a melody to use(by creating one yourself) an then you can write like a letter!

      Then when someone opens it it will play the music as you read the letter! 🙂

    • ethan

      a melody card is a card where you write a letter and you can put music along with it

  • Melody

    So in the last expansion, the emporium….where is the garden shop? Is it gone?

    I already did some googling but still could not find an answer.

    • hans

      the garden shop will be on the bottom floor, on the right

    • it moves into the main store.

  • it kinda sucks that the lesser stores will stay open to 3 and 5 am and then when you get the full upgrade it goes back down to midnight. i’m a night owl so i find this very annoying.

    • Justin

      Yeah, it was always like that in the previous games. It makes sense but it’s annoying. The Night Owl and Early Bird laws make it slightly better though.

    • Unknown

      U could just adjust the time in the game

      • ROMA

        will kicks get bigger…….what about shampoodle will her machine upgrade?

  • Mia

    T&T emporium is my fav 🙂 thank u for taking the time to post all of this!!! :))

  • johnny

    Any news on whether or not we will be able to downgrade to older versions of the nooklings stores after getting the Emporium? Kind of wish that the garden shop was a separate store throughout the iterations. But hey, that superstore looks amazing enough for me to forget about it.

  • Anonymous

    Does anybody know how you will get Gracie fashion checks to unlock the T&T Emporium

    • Anonymous

      Gracie will come randomly to your town. Around every seven to ten days I believe

  • Perford2004

    I really can’t decide which is the best… I hope there’s a feature that lets you revert to previous installments, like in City Folk. I think I’ll utilize that when summer starts and I can stay up all night. ;P

  • I love T&T Emporium!

    This post has confirmed my town law, it HAS to be Early Bird, I realize that Re-Tail is the ‘main’ shop in New Leaf but I can’t wait ’till 10am for the shop to open!

    Thanks for making this post! 😉

  • L

    I heard from the Animal Crossing Wikia that the 4th store (Home Center*) is called “Nook Bros.” I know it’s not reliable, but it’s worth something. 🙂

    • Matthew Seldon

      It’s called T.I.Y.

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  • Skye22

    Hey could somebody tell me of what hour is the early bird to what hour please

    • suzy

      5am and closes at normal time

  • Abby

    im bell boom

  • suzy

    it has been 9 days since my public work project i have bought about 15 items from the store and done 2 upgrades on my house and I am still on the first store!! any ideas??

  • KeyTheCat100

    does buyingwrapping paper and paper count as part of the total or no?

  • Wen

    Thanks much

  • Jayfox82

    Hey I have the same villager his name is Knox (the chicken in t&t mart

  • K.K Slider

    macht mal was über seltene möbel

  • Aridominque

    Help me,I don’t understand!

  • Aria

    Please help me!I don’t understand!

  • Aridiazsoto

    Help I don’t understand!!!

  • Aridiazsoto

    It’s sucks I already got 100,000 bells but Gracie hasn’t appear yet!!

  • Aridiazsoto

    From T.I.Y

  • Aridiazsoto

    What do I do

  • Jocy

    T&T emporium is currently being built in my town. How many days does it take for it to be built

  • emily

    I steal don’t no how to get the t&t emporium
    don’t get it

  • emily

    tried steal don’t get it

  • emily


  • oo

    How to get money???

    • kaminix

      Go to the island in the evening. Catch bugs and butterflies. The blue butterflies are OK value, 2500 each. Some of the tree bugs are worth 10k though. Sharks are valuable too I think.

  • LinkFan

    I need the T&T Emporium, but Gracie will not come back to my town, I need to pass her test 1 more time, and it’s so frustrating because she hasn’t been there in over a month.

    • ethan

      me too

  • mystery

    Gracie was in my town for the fashion check the second time and she said something about opening a shop

  • slycooper112

    i really want it but chaining the time doesn’t work HELP

  • tutstots

    Im tryin to get T.I.Y, and helpful tips??

  • superbro25

    it’s so awkward

  • Name

    How do you get Gracie to come to your town a second time?



  • Jayden

    I’ve been trying to upgrade T.I.Y but Timmy and Tommy keeps on refusing to upgrade. Can you help me in order to upgrade T.I.Y?

  • Unknown

    If your mad about the hours then just time travel.

  • ethan

    it sucks because ive been waiting for 50 days now did GracieGrace 6 times and paid 500,000,000 bells

  • Jade Tinker

    To get the upgrade ‘T.I.Y’ you have to spend 50,000. Right? Does that include just instore, or does it include the shopping catalog as well???

  • olivia

    Can I upgrade to another store by buying a bunch of stuff on the shopping catalogs, or does it have to be in the actually store??? Please reply

  • Anonymous

    How do you get the Gracie checks to succseed?

    It’s REALLY hard for me!

  • Mychael

    For all of you who keep saying that the t&t emporium hours stink, the hours aren’t that bad. I just did the math and found that the emporium has more hours than the super t&t does, so at least that’s an upside.

  • Trevor fc: 3926-5220-7529.

    When you spend the 100,000 bells to upgrade to the T&T emporium from T.I.Y, does the money you spend at the garden center contribute to this amount?

    • randem lol