Amazon updates Animal Crossing: New Leaf Prima Guide with cover art

4 years ago 35 Comments

Amazon has updated their listing for the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Prima Strategy Guide with a new cover art picture to replace the previous placeholder picture.

It’s very close to the official English box art for the game but I know some have been wondering what the real guide would look like. If you look closely, it almost appears as if the guide will be inside a hardcover holder. That’s just my poor speculation though.

Anyway, let us know in the comments below if you notice anything else. Here’s the listing on Amazon.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf Pre-Order Bonus at EB Games Australia

4 years ago 7 Comments


We reported a few days ago that the Isabelle and Town Hall figurine/model pre-order bonus was coming to Australia via unknown retailers. Today we can report that the pre-order bonus has been spotted at EB Games in Australia.

Based on an update to the page, it seems that the pre-order bonus is exclusive to EB Games in Australia. I’ll let you decide if the bonus is worth buying it there. Those interested in pre-ordering at EB Games Australia can click here to do so.

Golden Watch sent to Animal Crossing: New Leaf players in celebration of Golden Week (Japanese)

4 years ago 7 Comments


In celebration of Golden Week in Japan, Nintendo has announced that the Golden Watch item will be sent to Japanese players starting from April 26th through May 9th.

The Golden Watch will be distributed through in-game mail, rather than the kiosk at the Post Office that other recent DLCs including the Leaf Bed DLC announced today have used.

UPDATE: According to TheBigJC, the Golden Watch is actually already an item in the game and it is merely being sent out for free through in-game mail to celebrate Golden Week.

Those interested in the Japanese culture behind Golden Week may be interested in reading the Wikipedia article on the subject.

Leaf Bed DLC coming to Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Japanese)

4 years ago 7 Comments


The latest DLC item coming to Animal Crossing: New Leaf has just been announced by Nintendo. Players of the Japanese version of the game will be able to pick up a special Leaf Bed DLC item via SpotPass at the Post Office starting May 1st through May 31st.

If you haven’t yet received the previous Cherry Blossom Clock DLC, you have about 5 days left as the item ends distribution on April 30th. Also, check out the Golden Watch DLC announced today as well!