Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL Bundle coming to North America and Europe

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Nintendo has announced that the Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL Bundle, previously released in Japan, will be released in North America and Europe for $219 when the game launches on June 9th and June 14th.

The bundle contains a special edition 3DS XL console themed to Animal Crossing along with a digital copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the included SD Card.

We’ll be updating this post with any retailers we can find offering the bundle for pre-order.

ShopTo (UK)
GameStop (US)



  • Faedrah


  • potate

    smells like bill’s rear end…

  • I’m not sure if I will get this 3DS XL. If it came with a physical copy of the game, I would buy it day one.

  • Halony

    I need the physical copy!!! Nooooooooooo, why…

  • hans

    Already bought the pikachu one, i’m not gonna wait that long to buy my xl, especially when I got it so cheap compared. I’d rather download the game at 9pm pst june 8th and play it before everyone goes to buy their xl the next day.

    • SkateEcho

      I bought that one as well, thinking the animal crossing one may not come overseas. I’m till tempted to get this just to have it but think I’m happier with the yellow pikachu. The animal crossing bundle is a bit ugly. Think they could have done better. Maybe white with one big leaf? I’d buy that in a a heart beat

  • Sandra

    The physical copy would be better, if something happens to the SD card/3ds xl a piece of my life would have gone too… 😉

  • Morgan MaryAnn

    Will you announce when it’s available for preorder?

    • Faedrah

      It’s available now from Gamestop.

  • Sinistrum

    Who would have thought it?

  • Lilly

    Do you imagine it will be available in Australia?

    • Rochelle

      And New Zealand. They seem to have forgotten us 🙁

      • Jono

        I hope so! I’ll be buying the bundle straight away if it’s available here. 😀

    • Justin

      No idea yet. I’m sure we’ll know soon enough.

  • Laura

    Anyone know the price for the UK? 🙂

  • rogue

    I personally have no interest in the bundle. However, I will be letting my friend know as she doesn’t have a 3ds and may be interested.

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  • I’m so excited about this. Ever since I saw the Japan version, I’ve hoped that it would come out in North America. I’m definitely going to get this bundle as well a hard copy of the game (which I already pre-ordered). Right now I have a hand-me-down regular 3DS, so I’m looking forward to having one of “my own.”

  • lilybounce

    Would be more appealing to me if it came with the physical copy of the game… but might still but it…

  • Christopher Barry

    Should I trade in my 3DS for the Animal Crossing 3DS XL

    • nikkiredsox1982

      Trading it in for the 3DS XL is only worth it if you have the $15 a year power up card from game stop. If you have that card and have 5000 or more points on it you get 50% more in store credit for your handheld trade in’s.

  • TomNooksCranny

    I can’t believe throwing my money at the monitor actually worked

    • SkateEcho

      Months of throwing money and yelling at Nintendo is starting to pay off!

  • Guest

    Why must I be so poor!?

  • skuzzie

    Oh…it is a digital copy…NEVERMIND I AM NO LONGER TEMPTED.

  • ME

    i want a 3ds XL and digital copy, but i already preordered the game! Any advice?

  • Yay! A present for my mom! Since she only plays Animal Crossing (and wears reading glasses) this will be perfect!

  • ( ‐ω‐ ) I am so excited! ( *ω* )

  • Alex-Chan

    I hope it’s still available on Thursday. My BF wants to preorder it because he has an original. I’m gonna give him my old one and keep this bad boy <3

  • Bestbuy in Canada is taking pre-orders!

  • Hayden Dickson

    i pre ordered the xl and and the game card why you ask because i like to waist my money!! 🙂

  • If something happens to the 3DS do we lose the game? I would rather have the game saved to the SD Card because then my life would be easier

  • nikkiredsox1982

    I already sold my red 3DS and a bunch of games for this system. I LOVE animal crossing and Gamestop gave me $162 for my red 3ds because I had that rewards card. I put it all towards this system in a reserve so I can pick it up the day it comes out. I can’t wait to pick it up. I am going to sell a few more games that I no longer play so that when I pick it up I only have to pay for the guide.

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