Animal Crossing: New Leaf is now listed on the US eShop for… $35?

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We’re now just 2 months away from Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s release in North America and fittingly so, the game is now appearing on the US eShop when you search for it. It’s not too exciting to see a listing but what’s interesting is the price.

The typical price for a new first party Nintendo 3DS game in the United States is $39.99, but Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s official price point appears to be $34.99 instead. We’ve seen some retailers drop their price to $34.99 lately, but it may actually be the standard price and not a discount.

I’m not really sure exactly why Nintendo has chosen to price New Leaf at $35 but I’m not complaining! A discount is always appreciated. Perhaps Nintendo is hoping to attract new players with a lower price point. What do you think the reason is? Leave us a comment below.

(thanks DrewAC and Prof Gallows)

  • Tom Nook

    Wow. I love getting five bucks off. It’s not a lot, but it’s still a discount. P.S- i’m going on my 3ds right now and i’m trying to get on the store. Too bad i have to wait for a system update. -_-. Thanks for the news, justin!

  • Well, GameStop isn’t going to get my money now. I’ll just wake up early the Sunday after school get out and download.

  • StarryACNL

    Still no news on Europe about it, the games only just been listed on Amazon ๐Ÿ™

  • Sandra

    It’s like you said. Lower price and new players will try it. $5 isn’t much, but it’s enough to buy new leaf accessories, like one of those pens, or some animal crossing case or bag if those manage to come out ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Lou

    I was gonna check my eShop because I’m in Europe to see if New Leaf is in there but it says theres a problem and the eShop won’t load. It’s nothing to do with my internet, it’s working fine. It also mentions a system update but when I try to update, it says theres an error every time. Can anyone help?

    • Paige Sherwood-Rice

      I’ll check mine

    • Paige Sherwood-Rice

      Mine worked fine, try turning it off and back on again?

      • Lou

        That’s what Nintendo recommended too but that never worked. I needed to complete the update for the eShop to work but the update didn’t work either. I looked it up online then it told me to change the DNS settings by going through these steps blah blah blah, then it worked, yay! Thanks for helping though! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • StarryACNL

          Is it on The E store yet for Europe?

          • Paige Sherwood-Rice

            no sadly but maybe soon, and its ok Lou!

  • Vรญctor Arribas Martinez

    I think that because we are in economical crisis, Nintendo wnts to have the accurate price in this times.

  • Jessica

    Interesting… My copy is already pre-ordered and paid in full at $39.99 (plus sales tax) so when I go to pick up my game, I’ll actually end up getting money BACK! Sweet!

  • aikatears

    standard price instead of a discount. I think cause its very very rare to see nintendo discount on new games like this in the eshop. I have no problems with it being 34.99…bring it on Nintendo!

  • Paige Sherwood-Rice

    OOOOH! i wonder how much it’ll be in Europe, probably the same as Amazon – ยฃ32.99 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • javiernegrete31

    I will rather download it off the shop, games are always released at midnight just like, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

  • Silent

    Yay! I am so excited!

  • Maybe because they made us wait 3 years!! (:

    • Silent

      Try becoming a game translator/localizer and saying that again.

  • I was able to reserve my copy at Game Stop for 35. ๐Ÿ™‚ I did so many weeks ago.

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  • Yeah, I had mine pre-ordered with Amazon, but I switched after I heard this because it would have arrived about 5 days after release. So now I’ll just get it day one off the Eshop!

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  • Seeing as I was planning on buying it off the eShop, I’ll love ANY discount.
    I can’t waaaaait.

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  • Silent

    $35 for the best Animal Crossing game of all time? SHUT UP AND TAKE MAH BELLS!

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  • duckaroni

    YESSSSSSSS!!! I was thinking of ordering from amazon because they sold it for $35+free shipping, but I was afraid I would lose it. I thought I would just buy it from the eshop even though it was $5 more but now…..YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

  • Morgan

    Games cost less on the online store. Probably because they don’t come with a cartridge. I’d recommend getting a hard copy of the game in case you want to trade it in or let a friend borrow it. You lose part of the value of the game if you just get a digital copy.

    • emostorm

      You may want to reconsider. I did because this is the type of game I’d like to be able to pop into throughout the day or maybe in between a short break from playing something else. I’d prefer to not to absolutely have the cartridge on hand for this one. Just a suggestion!

  • jackwitherell

    The best part? I wanted to buy this game for both me and my sister.

    I have 70 dollars in my checking account.

  • Mistle

    $35 is without tax, so most places with tax will put this just under $40, which is two $20 cards, and those are available at almost every corner store. Mind you some places will go over that 40 mark, but by keeping this under a round number, they’re increasing its attractiveness to buyers… like myself. I was fretting that the 40 wouldn’t be enough, the 50 was too much, and there was nothing in between, but this solves my problem.
    Honestly I’d rather have a cartridge(that’s how I am) but nobody around here is having a midnight release and I am jonesing for this Animal Crossing fix.

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  • Pikachu_Dubstep

    Damn…:O how come in GAMESTOP it costs $40 ?!? :O and on the eshop only…$35…i need to buy it now…

  • william

    one word cool just cool