Pattern QR Codes in Animal Crossing: New Leaf confirmed Region Free

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As many of you know, Animal Crossing: New Leaf offers an extensive QR code feature which allows you to share your pattern designs on the internet with others using a QR code image. Since the game has been released in Japan since November, there’s already a large library of QR codes out on the web. Read on for new details about using them overseas…

Many have wondered if the QR codes would be region locked, meaning Japanese QR codes could only be used on Japanese copies of the game. Thankfully, Bill Trinen speaking to EGMNow in an interview has confirmed this is not the case at all.


“Yes, the QR codes are available in the North American version of the game as well, and will be compatible with the Japanese version,” said Trinen when asked about potential region-locking of the codes. He continued to clarify, “So this means the QR codes from the Japanese version will work on the U.S. version.”

So there you have it folks. The massive collections of Japanese QR codes will certainly be usable in your own copy of the game when Animal Crossing: New Leaf launches on June 9th in North America, and June 14th in Europe!


Are you guys happy that this has been confirmed? I have friends who have been saving QR codes to their computer since November hoping for them to be region free! As a friendly reminder, our sister site The Bell Tree Forums has maintained a Pattern board since February if you are looking for a place to find and share QR codes.

(thanks EGMNow)

  • skuzzie


  • Matthew Gill

    I wasn’t even aware that was a thing people worried about, and I panicked when I saw the cut off headline in my RSS reader!

    • Sinistrum

      ^ this xD

  • Tom Nook

    The peach dress is so cute! I’m going to wear that dress for a long time when i get the game!

  • Víctor Arribas Martinez

    In Europe is going to be the same????’

    • skuzzie

      I do not see why it would be any different.

    • Why can’t you understand the word Region-free?

      • Víctor Arribas Martinez

        I didn´t read very good.
        But REAL THANKS to reply me.

  • Bunnylover

    Is there a dasiy pattern too?

    • Sandra

      I’m pretty sure yes, I think I’ve seen it before somewhere…

    • SkateEcho

      I sure the Japanese have made more patterns then we could dream of, they have had the game for months 🙂 I’m so excited!

  • What about Europe? Will we be able to get these too?

    • Kaiaa

      They aren’t region locked so yes, I believe that Europe will be able to get them too!

  • mowmow

    I’m confuzed on how they get into your game.. do you type in the name or something?

    • skuzzie

      I think you have to take a picture of the code with your 3DS when Sable asks you. There is a video of it on youtube.

  • Kaiaa

    Thank goodness, I was afraid I’d have to recreate some of the patterns!

  • StarryACNL

    I know you can’t share QR codes at the start of the game- but can you scan them at the start, there is a really nice path I want, however I don’t know whether I can get it straight away- does anybody know? 🙂

    • Ran

      You cannot share or read QR codes until you get the special sewing machine in Able sisters.
      If you know the town they were created it, can visit their dream village and if its set to share, snag them there, thought that also requires you to wait till you open dream suite, which isn’t able right away either

      • StarryACNL

        Ok I don’t know the village dream number because I found it on a website, thanks anyway 🙂

  • StarryACNL

    That Isabelle pattern was shown on the nintendo direct. So was ones of Tom Nook and Mable

  • Silent


  • If these were region-locked, that may have been the dumbest thing Nintendo has ever done, next to the Virtual Boy.

    • and region locking the 3DS itself!!

    • セフィロス

      Adding on to Joey…
      and not setting up an actual account associated with their digital content.

      • TheFarmboy

        Also the perplexing decision by NOT having a big e3 conference, but with smaller conferences.

        • Owl

          In My Opinion, the E3 thing makes sense. They’re trying to break from the conformity of the Convention schedule, and make is so they can announce things when they want, instead of when the Media wants. This way, they can use their Nintendo Directs to tell us about things when they want, and then Promote them at Conventions, instead of the other way around.

          • セフィロス

            Personally, I prefer nintendo doing their videos over them taking up e3… save it for other companies who are too slow at releasing info. I’m looking at you S-E.

  • The Mighty Deku Warrior

    When im playing animal crossing new leaf alone, without my friends knowing. Im going to secretly put princess peaches dress on…

    • Tom Nook

      XD yeah. That’ll be fun

  • Mia

    Are QR codes still locked though?

  • Paige Sherwood-Rice

    That peach dress is to cute! :3

  • pocadotty

    Yes! 😀 I had saved so many patterns and it would be a shame if all that effort went to waste. >.<

  • Owl

    Thank God. That Folder I have filled up with QR codes won’t go to waste..

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  • Chumplet

    yES YES yes good yea s

  • The_Hidden_Gir

    I personly JUST got animal crossing and I LOVE it! I think it is one of the best Nintendo game so far next to legand of Zelda, and Kirbi. Hope they make more games like this.
    (^her sister^) I wish they would have shown more at E3 about this game! We went to E3 and we really didn’t see much of the animal crossing stuff so we bought the guide. At least Nintendo made the guide.

  • Kimberly Barker Owen

    how do you search QR codes

  • Olivia

    how come japanese qr codes will not scan on my ds then?

  • Ava_acnlfan

    i need a path