Complete Animal Crossing: New Leaf Event Calendar for North America revealed!

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Nintendo updated the official Animal Crossing: New Leaf website today with the full event calendar for North America included. The European calendar will be similar but likely have a few differences so stay tuned for that. The full calendar can be viewed after the break:


It seems that many of the Japanese holidays haven’t made it overseas (which isn’t a surprise) except for Boy’s Day. It’s kind of strange though since it was never included in the overseas versions in the past.

Even stranger is that only Boy’s Day has made it over, there’s no sign of Girl’s Day in the Event Calendar… Perhaps it’s a typo? Who knows! Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Courtney Sartin

    It’s probaly a typo. Some one who does acnl videos has a friend who got the early version, and pretended to have boys day as a english holiday, but afterwards said it was a joke. But if it does come to the english version, I would be very happy

    • Lin and Ko?

      • Courtney Sartin

        Yes, lin and ko. I didn’t know if they would mind having thier name on this site

    • Shut up, Courtney.

      Everybody watches LinandKo. You can fucking say “LinandKo.”

      • Courtney Sartin

        Don’t cuss at me!!! I’m only 10! What if your name was put on a site you didn’t want it on!

        • Shut up, Courtney.

          Shut up, Courtney.

  • bidoofus

    maybe boys day will be american, and girls day will be european? idk

  • Paige Sherwood-Rice

    Oooh! Cant wait for the European calendar 🙂

  • StarryACNL

    The american one is jammed packed- hope the european is as packed.

    • Kaitlyn Romanowicz

      I bet it will be

  • Stephen Temple

    I liked the events in Wild World… Also, I WANT SAKURA TREES!!!

  • red pepper

    Boy’s Day might actually supposed to be Children’s Day, like in the Japanese version. In AC:GC they had Children’s Day, where players were given either a doll or a toy car. Just a thought!

    • Mike Honcho

      That was on Toy Day, in December. Children’s Day is part of Golden Week, in May. Unfortunately, those aren’t the same holiday.

  • LoZ4life98

    Can’t wait to see what stuff like nature day and shamrock day are like!

    • Kaitlyn Romanowicz

      Me too. I’m wondering if you pick shamrocks on shamrock day. That will be awesome!

      • NightFlame750

        you get a shamrock hat

  • Kaiaa

    Where is girls day? I like that there is an event every month!

  • snappycg1996

    No Girl’s Day or Fourth of July? Is this a mistake? D:

    • ListerineEnema

      …You know it’s a Japanese game…right?

      • Joanna

        it was said earlier in the comments but the different teams for each region make the holidays for that region. So the NA team makes the NA holidays and so on

        • Jono

          Agreed . ^

    • Silent

      Why dont we include the others’ independance day then?

  • IanFL

    Wait, no Acorn/Mushroom day? D:

    • skuzzie

      No more Cornimer I suppose since he is on the island. :L

      • IanFL

        Disappointing, I loved that festival.

  • David the closet boo

    Hold up where the F@$% is the fourth of july??!!

    • ListerineEnema

      …it’s a Japanese game. Programmed by Japanese programmers. They don’t celebrate the birthday of a foreign country.

      • Peyton Carter

        The American team makes all of the American holidays and renames names everything in English.

        • youreatwat

          They’re not American… They’re English.

          • Peyton Carter

            No. They are American. They have a European team and American team. The European team manages quite a few languages, I believe, and the American team does American English and probably South American languages. They are based in the USA, though.

          • Donkeyman

            Looks like you don’t know what you’re talking about on several sites.
            Make a new account, start again, research facts, THEN comment.


    • Silent

      Then we should include the mexican independance day then. Also dont forget the brazilian and the other countries’ independance day

      • Topher N.

        Ummm Brazil is in SOUTH America.

        • Silent

          I am aware, I just like Brazil. My aunt lives in Rio so I went there when I was 10.

          • Stupid

            I was born there when I was 10

    • StarryACNL

      England dosen’t have an independence day so that would mean we would not have a hoilday.

      • Miranda

        So? You get your own localized events.

        • IanFL

          England doesn’t have independence day because we won 😀

          • Nunchuka

            Of course they don’t, they did not split from another nation, or become independent. I’m sure if people broke off from somewhere like America, they would have their own independence day. Silly nilly.

          • Annoymous

            And your point is? You wasn’t alive when the Americans declared freedom… But yes, you did win freedom.

        • Skuxx

          So does that mean the Australian Calender won’t be the same as this one ?

        • StarryACNL

          Like what? Most events in England are for one day only in one year.

    • disqus_hBl8yQk2pr

      I’m not sure! But if you noticed, there are 4 fireworks days in August. It makes up for the lack of Independence Day 🙂

    • Leo

      This game is for NA, not just for US.

      • ACNLFAN

        Your forgetting they could have easily squeezed in fireworks for canada day and 4th of July, in July because they both are there. This is for NA not Europe so it could have worked. Silly to have four shows in August.

        • Fran

          They could just call it “Fireworks Day”, “Independance Day”, or something non-specific to countries. I agree with some other posts that there’s not enough holidays, especially for this month of July. 🙁

          • Sierra

            have you ever played wild world or the other versions of animal crossing most of the versions have less than one holiday every month

      • David the closet boo

        WELL the holiday was in the game cube and wii versions so it should be in this one just saying

      • セフィロス

        Well… that doesn’t excuse explorer day since it falls on Christopher Columbus day.

      • churchill

        ur logic is invalid cuz theres a japanese holiday in it

    • churchill

      not shit the fucks forgot one of the united states most important holidays and my fucking bday im going out with fireworks on this game its going to be explosive

    • sierra


  • Silent

    Not many events heh… ?

  • Silent

    Wait a second, Guys look at the date in Boys’ day: It falls on Cinco de Mayo

  • TheMightyDekuWarrior

    I didnt look at any of this. I do not want to spoil the events.

  • Sad

    Valentines day? 🙁

    • NightFlame750

      Its there. not on the calendar. you get a chocolate fountain or cake… don’t remember

      • NightFlame750

        and hot chocolate instead of cofee

  • Joel Carter

    It’s kinda just like the Wii version calender. I was expecting to see quite a few new events. At least the Firework Show is back. Assuming it’s going to be in all versions.

  • How kum meh burthd@y isn on dere? Dafuq dis gume suks bro

  • Peyton Carter

    I think they might add more later. And also, they will probably add very regional ones like country independence days and little things like that.

  • rauwtori2

    i swear there was a valentines day event..

  • StarryACNL

    What is Groundhog day? I only know there was a very funny movie called groundhog day but that is it.

    • Joanna

      It’s a day where we have a groundhog come out of his hole and apparently if he sees his shadow its six more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see it then spring will come earlier apparently.

      • StarryACNL

        Is a groundhog a real animal?

        • セフィロス


          • IanFL

            What kind of question is that…

          • StarryACNL

            Yeah well I have never heard of groundhog day, so I’m curious.

          • セフィロス

            Not a bad question really. If you live on the other side of the world… Europe for instance… you might not even know what a groundhog is. It is found only on the North American continent.
            Basically a large ground squirrel.

  • Coffeekuma

    it looks like

    setsbun = groundhog day

    doll festival = shamrock day

    children’s day =boy’s day

    tanabata =Nature Day(this one was moved, from July to April.)

    obon =Labor Day(which was moved, from August to September)

    grass day = weed day(moved from September to April)

    And we got an 1 extra event which is Explorer’s Day which the japanese did not get.looks like we are not missing much! Only the japanese event got changed,which are only 4. I still don’t get what boy’s day is thought…ewe;;; LOL

    • IanFL

      But Japan gets more items when it comes to events, and their items are cooler!

  • Sym

    I’m just wondering…

    If my Japanese friend(in Japan) who has a Japanese holiday/event, and when I go to his/her town, will I be experience this Japanese event?

    If that’s the case, then we actually will triple the amount of events that we could have throughout US, Japanese and EU calendar!

    • Paige Sherwood-Rice

      Yeah you can take part in japan events that we dont have

      • IanFL

        Yup. This is like this in all the past games. (Right?)

        • youreatwat

          No? You can go to their towns during an event AND participate in it. You couldn’t do that in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time.
          Oops! I meant previous ac games. MAYBAD!

        • Paige Sherwood-Rice

          I dont know ahaha

  • Jack

    Has Christmas always been named Toy Day?

    • Mike Honcho


      • Jex

        Really? I could have sworn it was “Jingle Day” or something

        Edit: Oh you’re right. I never noticed that before. 😛

  • AArizona

    They missed Valentines, Mothers and Fathers day…I’m thinking this isn’t quite complete.

    • TheMightyDekuWarrior

      I agree. It doesnt feel like this calendar is right. I think they were in a rush to make this and they left stuff out. :L

      • youreatwat

        Are you kidding me? They were in a rush? RUSHING A GAME WHICH HAD BEEN HELD BACK SINCE THE RELEASE OF THE 3DS?!?! It’s not rushed, just incomplete.

        • TheMightyDekuWarrior

          Im not talking about the game dumbass. This calendar is on the NA AC:NL website and since the game is coming up pretty fast and this website was just made I just THOUGHT this calendar was rushed. I dont know if it was rushed or not thats why I said “I think”.

          • youreatwat

            It wasn’t rushed, do you think people who develop official content for games FORGET to add things? Are you fucking stupid??

          • TheMightyDekuWarrior

            Apparently you are the one who is fucking stupid. How many people do you think work on these things? It takes about one or two people to make a little calender. And what the hell did I just say? I said I do not KNOW if

          • TheMightyDekuWarrior

            The person who made this may have

          • DickBurger

            Look! I found the dumbass of the bunch!

        • sierra

          um it’s not incomplete, do you think they would have released it if it was incomplete. yah they wouldn’t dumbass.

    • NightFlame750

      yeah carnations I miss you

      they’re there

  • セフィロス

    Hm… the US holidays are rather boring. Christopher Columbus lol… a joke of a holiday.

  • Kay Aches

    I hope the UK calender is like this. I like cakes.

  • Kay Aches

    My birthday is 5th November and that is bonfire night!!!!!!! I want it to be in the UK version. I like cakes.

  • Wrathie83

    Awwww no girls day, that’s sexist!!! *burns her bra* lol , just kidding!

  • Outlander

    Where’s Secretary’s Day?

  • Víctor Arribas Martinez

    Will be This Event Calendar the same to other countries (like Spain)?

  • StarryACNL

    According to some streamers there is going to be a grass day in september where you can get exclusive items- but it is not on the calendar so whats going to replace that?

  • Sandra

    Wow July’s a riot XD I feel like there’s a lot missing here….

  • Elizabeth Connell

    THIS is the schedule l found on a website

    January 1 – New Years

    January 19 – Fishing Tournament

    February 3 – Last day of winter

    February 9 – Fishing Tournament

    February 11 – Carnival

    March 3 – Doll Festival

    March 16 – Fishing Tournament

    March 31 – Easter

    April 1 – April Fools

    April 13 – Fishing Tournament

    May 5 – Children’s Day

    May 18 – Fishing Tournament

    June 15 – Bug Catching Tournament

    June 21 – Summer Solstice

    July 7 – Tanabata

    July 20 – Bug Catching Tournament

    August 4,11,18,25 – Fireworks Meet/Tournament?

    August 15 – Obon Lantern Festival

    August 17 – Bug Catching Tournament

    September 3 – Weed Day

    September 19 – Moon Viewing Festival

    September 21 – Bug Catching Tournament

    October 12 – Fishing Tournament

    October 31 – Halloween

    November 16 – Fishing Tournament

    November 28 – Harvest Festival

    December 14 – Fishing Tournament

    December 22 – Winter Solstice

    December 24 – Christmas Eve

    December 31 – Countdown (New Years)

  • Elizabeth Connell

    Hey, I heard father’s day and mother’s day will be on the game so will be valentine’s day!!

    • Sandra

      What’s your source, or where’d you hear it??

      • Elizabeth Connell

        I heard it on the Wiki site!!

  • Eddie Mute McKinney

    Hm. I don’t trust this calendar. I’ll just wait until I play the game.

  • Frosti

    weeding day?

    can anyone explain?

    • Jex

      If it’s the same as in the Japanese version, you have to pull out all the weeds in your town. It’s like a game.

      • Frosti

        ahhh cool! Thanks!

  • churchill

    where the fuck is the 4th of july

    • Mario Carlos

      thats what im thinking

  • Δημήτριος Μαχαιράκης

    Where is the flea market?

  • I’m hoping for “Starcrossed Day” from Japan. The event happens on the 7th of July and is exclusive to Japanese games. There’s this Tanabata Tree or something like that that has wishes on it. I wonder if it still has wishes from the town residents?

  • Mario Carlos

    it would make more sense if fireworks show was on the 4th of july instead of august :/

    • Mario Carlos

      im not trusting this calendar

  • Dissy

    Just time traveled… Nothing happened for me on “boy’s day”. Typo that it made it on?

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Do I have to name my town after a U.S. town in order to celebrate the holidays and events or as long as I have a U.S. region Nintendo 3DS it won’t matter what I name my town?

  • Happygiraffe105

    Boys day is also known a children’s day, hence the carp flag. But it’s still a Japanese holiday