Eight new English Animal Crossing: New Leaf puns from Nintendo Life

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We’ve got screenshots of eight new puns from the English version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, thanks to Jon Wahlgren from over at Nintendo Life. I’m quite the fan of these, most notably the Crucian Carp.

Anyway, the rest of them are hidden after the break to avoid spoilers for those who are concerned about that. Enjoy!

(source: Nintendo Life)

  • Nathan Henton

    OMG toastfly was the best xD

    • Hayden Dickson

      that one was awesome!!

  • CevanB

    Good to see some new fish puns in New Leaf! I especially liked the zebra turkeyfish and yellow butterfly ones.

  • rauwtori2

    “Caught a Zebra TurkeyFish
    What are you? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!”

  • Zaydin

    This is going to be a case where I actually avoid information; I do want to discover the jokes for catching fish and insects on my own

  • TomNooksCranny


    • Kaitlyn Romanowicz


  • KW

    They seem better than the ones is City folk IMO

    • Kaitlyn Romanowicz

      Yeah, me too. I really like them

  • Theses little puns are what make Animal Crossing great

  • Emilio

    I love toastfly 😀

  • Sandra

    Lol, these are WAAAAY funnier than in Wild World. I can actually look forward to more now when I go bug catching and fishing!!

  • Kaiaa

    I am sooo looking forward to the puns lol They are my guilty pleasure

  • Misa

    WHAT ARE YOU MAKE UP YOUR MIND LOL favorite…so good i did all caps 😛

  • TheMightyDekuWarrior

    These puns are really good! The best I have seen in the series, their really detailed too.

  • Pie4Pigs

    “As mayor, welcome to my pockets.”


  • Shaun

    Spoilers… what the….?!?