Exclusive Animal Crossing: New Leaf DLC items available at Best Buy using Nintendo Zone

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In addition to the two new DLC items revealed yesterday, Nintendo and Best Buy have announced a partnership for exclusive items through Nintendo Zone hotspots at select Best Buy locations throughout the summer. Keep reading for details…

Players who make the trip to a local Best Buy with a Nintendo Zone hotspot can download exclusive items through the Post Office. A list of the items and their delivery timeframes are included below:

  • 6/16-6/29 RACCOON WALL-CLOCK
  • 6/30-7/13 CAT TOWER
  • 7/14-7/27 SUITCASE
  • 7/28-8/10 DOUBLE NECK GUITAR

Click here for a handy Nintendo Zone locator, but keep in mind this promotion is only for Best Buy locations. What are your thoughts on item distribution like this? It’s similar to the 7 Eleven deal in Japan but without branded items.

(Source: Nintendo)

  • Elijah

    I wouldn’t be so sure it’s Best Buy only, it’s probably just any Nintendo Zone. They probably just said that because it’s the most known place out of all the places that provides Nintendo Zone. Just my guess though…

  • Elijah

    You’re probably right, but still, I just have a feeling…

    • Justin

      We’ll see I guess. I hope you are, since all of the Best Buys on my island have closed.

  • Boom

    Can someone tell me how this works? Do I just keep my 3DS on but closed (with street pass enabled) and walk into my local bestbuy which has this Nintendo zone thing? Or do I need to walk to a certain section of the store?

    • No have it on, and go to where the Nintendo 3DS stuff is, and there will be a sign with it there. I had to go to a Nintendo Zone because my 3DS wouldn’t update. If anyone has questions ask me!

      • Boom

        So when I walk to that spot it will automatically download it? Sorry, I’ve never tried this before and I need those items. xD

        • Yup pretty much! And it’s alright I had to ask the people who worked there. You’ll get a notification and you’ll hear noise, then it will tell you you’re in a Nintendo Zone. It’ll look like this! (Picture below)

          • Also once you get it and lets say, a month later something else happens that says you need to go to a Nintendo Zone, at the bottom it says, “Search for Nintendo Zone.” I hope I helped!

          • Boom

            Yep you did! Thanks!!

          • Anytime, you’re welcome!

          • Nash

            Oh goodness, thank you very much! This was mega-helpful :>

          • No problem!

          • NightFlame750

            Does that mean you go there once and in the correct dates you can get each without going there again?

          • Sorta, you still have to go to the place but it’ll be a lot easier!

  • skuzzie

    What the hell is a Nintendo zone? lol
    edit: nvm got the answer derp

    • dragonicasch

      Mcdonalds has this “nintendo zone” I got a mario 3d land street pass from there. Lol..was kinda weird but eh

  • skuzzie

    I wonder if the raccoon wall clock is going to be the same one that was in Nookingtons.

    • TheMightyDekuWarrior

      It may be alot like it but I dont know if its going to be the same.

    • NightFlame750

      Its T&T Emporium

      • skuzzie

        I’m aware of that. I was talking about past games.

  • lilybounce

    I may sound really stupid saying this… but what is Best Buy?

    • Justin

      It’s a big electronics store in North America. Think computers, TVs, games, etc.

      • lilybounce

        Thanks Justin! Since I’m in the UK, I can’t get it, but I hope all of you in North America enjoy getting them!

  • i hope we can order these in the in-game catalog because there is no best buy where i am :’-( and i only now of one and it’s to far away…

  • dragonicasch

    I preordered this from them over the net. but =3= I don’t have a bestbuy near me. Wish they would make it available anywhere not just certain Stores.

  • Kaiaa

    Unfortunately I don’t frequent Best Buy often enough to get these items 🙁

    I also don’t really care for the whole Nintendo Zone / wifi hotspot DLC thing. I like DLC, but they should just spot pass them like they do with Puzzle Swap pieces.

  • LoZ4life98

    If it was any Nintendozone, that would be wayyy better though!

  • Veronica Lundin-Lund

    I live about 1.5 hours from the nearest Best Buy…but will plan a trip for the time when the cat tower is available.

  • TheMightyDekuWarrior

    YES!!! I live very close to a best buy! I cant wait to see who else nintendo partners with for more DLC!!

  • Faedrah

    Well, this is a bummer. I be living four hours away from the nearest best buy, my closest zone is at mcdonald’s. 🙁 I really hope they rethink this and make it available to all nintendo zone spots.

  • the raccoon clock!!!!

  • Jackie

    Are all Best Buys Nintendo Zone locations or just a select few?

  • seafoodcrap

    Sigh I dont live in the US even though I pre-ordered a US set… No chance to get these!! 🙁

  • Skuxx

    Can australia acces this ‘Nintendo Zone’ anywhere . . ?

    • Skux

      edit: is there a Best Buy store in Australia? Just wondering . . we have a similar store called Jb hi fi?

      • Xakari Eden Belmont

        Don’t think so, this seems to be an America-only deal.

  • mcribbie

    So… this clears things up. Because we saw the cat tower, suitcase and doubleneck guitar in trailers close to release (Cat tower- April 2012 Nintendo Direct, Suitcase- same as before but also in TDNM special direct, Doubleneck guitar- overview trailer) but I thought they’d been dummied out. Which is a shame as they’re all great items, Hoping we get this DLC in Europe.

  • Bernie

    If you go to Best Buy to download the items, do all of your characters get the Item? Or only the mayor…

    • Sinsko

      Each character has to log in to do it.

  • DNRG

    Hmm, now I have a reason to go to Best Buy.
    Awesome! Sounds good!

  • Bria Ellis

    i’m not too thrilled about best buy being the store of choice for these. personally, i think starbucks would be kinda cool for a 7-11 type of spot pass. plus, they’re everywhere!

    • Littlebigmusic

      It’d be cool to get a coffee cup that was starbucks brand and never ran out of coffee! Although, I wouldn’t want to put poor Brewster out of business.

    • Altimit

      I agree, why b.b?? There’s like none near where I live but so many other places that would be better, sigh

  • Jex

    >_> I’m pretty sure the closest Best Buy is 20+ mins away. I don’t really think it’s worth me getting lost trying to drive there every two weeks. 😛

  • pocadotty

    I hope when I go to Best Buy, I’ll find another Animal Crosser *^*/

  • SirToasty

    Can’t wait for the double-neck guitar,luckily i live about 10 minutes from best buy :3

  • SirToasty

    I agree with Bria, we can easily get 7-11 DLC cause Japan has 7-11 as well…

  • Xakari Eden Belmont

    Eh, this is kind of a downer for those of us in rural areas. No way I’m taking a bi-weekly 30-minute drive for a suitcase. Although, I am kinda curious as to what “cat tower” entails…

    • Xakari Eden Belmont

      Nevermind, I know what a cat tower is. I’m just an idiot.

    • Brian Porbansky

      Rural, nothing – DALLAS has no Zone’d Best Buys in the area, despite being swamped with Best Buy. All the Nintendo Zone locations are McDonalds. You’d think they’d work a little harder with their franchises. 😐

    • bensh

      you can just change your SSID of your router or mobile phone so whats the problem?

  • Ben Sylvia

    Of course the cat tower is exclusive to a store that isn’t in my city.

    IT’S THE ONLY THING I WANT!! until the star sign furniture that’s shown in the guide gets distributed.

    • Kellye8498

      If you want to get the item just ask around online if someone is willing to let you catalogue it. It’s buyable from the catalogue when you have picked one up before.

  • Sydney

    Does anyone have the 7/11 dlc they are willing to sell to me? O:

  • Cinna

    i went to best buy today. while it did have a nintendo zone hotspot, i had a hard time connecting and i also forgot the directions for getting the item ;u; i kind of wish they had the directions posted there. *has to go back again*

  • Jack Saat

    No need to go to best buy guys….

    I confirm that naming ur SSID: Bestbuy will give you the DLC

    Step-by-step walkthrough:

    Change your SSID on your router to “Bestbuy” (make sure the caps are like that)

    Make sure you can connect to it via your wifi settings on the 3ds!!!

    You should get a message on your 3DS homescreen indicating you’re connected to a Nintendo Zone

    Do NOT load up Nintendo Zone. Simply boot up New Leaf and go to the post office ask for presents and get your DLC!

    • Kira

      THANKS!!!! this actually worked! the best buy in my city is dumb and wasn’t doing it. Thanks for the info

      • Kitten

        Ditto. None of the ones in my area were doing it either.

        • Callum Fay

          Does it work?

    • Sean

      and if you’re in Europe, change your SSID to: _The Cloud

    • Benjamin Smith

      I sent a copy of this comment to the facebook group:

      Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS) Friend Code Exchange Group.. I sent it in a message so IDK if they are going to post it or not.. but I made sure to include you as the original poster.

    • Mr Nook

      This works!! Totally failed in the Bestbuy store where they tried to provide their local SSID which was actually B35T8UY. After changing my SSID to Bestbuy the 3DS indicated the presence of a Nintendo Zone! Remember this trick for future opportunities!

      • bensh

        this even works with hotspot feature of mobile phones. I thought I tell you If there someone without Internet flat.

  • Kitten

    I have to say that while I love BB in general (a friend of mine works there), none of the stores in our area even have Nintendo Zones anymore. They removed them after a series of remodelings in the area. I hope that Nintendo lets us continue to use the Bestbuy SSID at home- it’s the only way someone like me would actually be able to get the DLC.

  • Dave Riem

    Can these items be rebought through the T&T Mart Catalog after obtaining them as to gift and share them with friends, etc?

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  • Christine

    Has someone some DLC from other countries. (I´m from Germany )
    I want an aurora scream or something from the 7 eleven. I would buy it 🙂

  • Kay

    i went to best buy the other day and i went to pelly and ask for a present after i connected to wifi and pelly said i already got it but i didn;t yet. i only got the full moon vanity from my wifi at home.