Fireworks Table DLC available in North America and Europe today as well

4 years ago 14 Comments


The Fireworks Table DLC, previously announced for a Japanese release, is now available for download from Pelly at the Post Office in both North America and Europe.

We weren’t previously sure if the item would be available for distribution outside of Japan and Korea, but it seems Nintendo dropped a pleasant surprise for the rest of the world as well without announcing it at all! (at the time of writing, neither the official NA website or twitter make any mention of the DLC)

Hopefully this means that all future SpotPass DLC going forward will continue to be released to all regions simultaneously.

  • Zachary

    That’s a cool looking table too

  • Lily

    yes! totally downloading this today!

  • Joe

    Sigh…once again, this item is available to order from the catalog.

    • Justin

      Why is that a bad thing?!

      • Mike Honcho

        because now he can’t dupe in and make a fortune off of people who spend 10million bells on an item they’ll never use

        • Joe

          Not exactly, it’s quite the opposite actually. You see, one of the reasons I was excited for this game was to trade region exclusive DLC. I do admit, I created the three other playable townsfolk in order to get multiple copies of the DLC for my region. However, seeing as none of the North American DLC (so far) is orderable from the catalog, it makes for a lousy trade deal (nobody wants to trade for it) and I end up spending 10 million bells for the European and Japanese exclusives. If I was going to dupe the items to make bells why wouldn’t I just dupe the bells?

          • Guest

            edit: seeing as *all of the American DLC is orderable

          • Joe

            Don’t get me wrong, I am loving the DLC so far (the palm tree lamp is kind of lame but to each his/her own), I just wish I had something that could stand up in a regional trade other than “hur hur 20 million bells or £50 via paypal hur hur.” -quoted from one of my more recent experiences.

  • Madison123

    I got that today! It’s really cool. I was thinking of putting it in my room but it’s a little bulky. :p
    @ Mike Honcho It’s a bummer it’s not non-orderable, I agree! I don’t really do selling/trading but shouldn’t America have some non-orderable DLC?

  • dgmoney

    the table doesnt make any noise 🙁

  • Ben Sylvia

    That’s cool I guess, but I want a Purple Pikmin hat. 🙁

  • Nick

    I feel like we’re going to get DLC like this every month. We got the screen for June, the lamp for July, and the table for August. If they keep this trend, there should be DLC for the following months, as well.

    • ROARZ

      Course it will be like that it has ta keep changing bcuz I don’t think someone would want to keep getting the same thing.

  • Liz

    I have decided to redesign my living room to match this table.