It’s possible New Leaf’s Autumn amiibo update includes new furniture from Happy Home Designer

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Players of last year’s Happy Home Designer will know that the title didn’t only just introduce a new way of playing Animal Crossing; it also added a significant amount of new content to the series in terms of furniture and other items.

Some sharp eyed users on both The Bell Tree Forums and Reddit have spotted that one of the new screenshots released for this fall’s New Leaf amiibo update happens to include a piece of furniture previously released in Happy Home Designer.

In the screenshot below showing the player speaking to Wisp, a piece of furniture called the “natural low table” which is unlocked from Goldie near the very beginning of Happy Home Designer can be seen in front of the player and next to Wisp. As far as I am aware, this item is not available in any other previous Animal Crossing titles.


This discovery raises the obvious question of whether it is possible that New Leaf’s upcoming update may actually back-port new furniture from Happy Home Designer back into the original game. It would be a surefire way to ignite some new life back into the aging game on top of the already announced amiibo features.

Going even further, would we see the introduction of the new ceiling furniture type introduced in Happy Home Designer? Or the feature allowing customization of a room’s windows and doors? There’s certainly plenty of speculate on right now.

Nintendo has said there is more to announce on the update in the future, so we’ll keep you up to date on any new announcements in the coming months. Keep your eyes locked to Animal Crossing World!

  • Pierre-Luc Grenier

    That’s good news for the moment, updating a 4 years old game…! Well I am happy about it, but I am wondering if this will slow down a new Animal Crossing game? And, how many players will actually revisit their town by now? I am speaking for myself here, as a very big fan of the serie, but I did not touch my New Leaf game since a year or so. And I don’t think this update will change it. I am wishing for a new fresh experience concerning this franchise, wich, sadly, did not happen with Amiibo Festival.

    • I understand what you are saying, while I have been constantly playing this game since the minute it was released on the Nintendo 3DS’ eShop.

      I even have a Let’s Play of the game going on right now, so I am no where near as bored with this game as I probably should be xD Considering that this game is like four years old at this point (definitely the longest I ever played a Animal Crossing game.)

    • Codi Schumacher

      I got the physical version of the game on launch day & while I dont play as much as I used to I still play it at least a few times a month.

  • I do think the update might bring the new furniture from Happy Home Designer into New Leaf, and I will be more than happy to showcase this new feature in an episode of my Animal Crossing: New Leaf Let’s Play.

    I am really excited for this update~♥

  • Codi Schumacher

    1 thing I am wondering is just what will the figures do for the town/player?

    • Most likely allow villagers to move-in and they might give us character/game specific furniture. (I.E. Callie or Marie might net you some Splatoon furniture, while other figures could net you furniture from other games and villagers designed after the character from that Amiibo… I.E. Samus Amiibo could get you a Samus villager, but I am just speculating right now.)

      • Oath 2 Order

        It’s been said that the non-AC-villager amiibo give furniture.

  • Dgrinn

    This is amazing but I don’t just want the furniture, i ‘m also hoping for some type of compatibility between the two games…

  • Oath 2 Order

    God, I hope they give us at a bare minimum, the new furniture. If they somehow gave us the ceiling, or hell, even the window and door customization, I’d be happy.