Man speed-runs Animal Crossing for GameCube in 51 hours; records entire thing without sleep

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Did you know you can speed-run an entire Animal Crossing game in just over fifty hours? Neither did we until today, but leave it to the internet to make anything a reality.

A Twitch user by the name of P4ntz did just that over the summer earlier this year with his world record breaking recording of Animal Crossing for GameCube completed to 100% in 50 hours, 53 minutes, and 48 seconds. However, 0xA101 looks to have pioneered the idea back in 2015 with her original record of 70 hours, 51 minutes, and 47 seconds.

What are the rules and guidelines of completing a 100% complete Animal Crossing speed-run you may ask? You’re going to need every golden tool, all player statues, every Nook upgrade, the extra bridge, a fully completed museum, and finally the ENTIRE CATALOG completed. On the other hand, time-traveling is of course permitted (otherwise I don’t want to know how long…), along with traveling between towns or using any glitches.


Most importantly, making use of Tom Nook’s item codes to obtain items is allowed and pretty much essential. In fact, the last 19 hours or so of P4ntz’s speed-run looks to consist entirely of repeatedly entering long item codes into the game. So perhaps this would be better labelled as a GameCube controller typing speed-run.

We’ll be the first to admit this is utterly insane, but it’s just the kind of perfect insanity you can’t help enjoy watching from afar. If you’ve got a burning desire to watch someone play Animal Crossing for 51 hours, check out the embedded Twitch videos below of P4ntz‘s speed-run. This man is a god.

There are more practical speed-runs done for other Animal Crossing titles, like completing the first debt or obtaining all of the golden tools, but the 100% completion seems exclusive to the GameCube version. Likely, this is because it’s not really possible to complete the entire catalog in a feasible manner without using item codes. Those item codes have never been seen since Wild World and beyond.

I can only hope I’ve inspired the next world record 100% speed-runner for Animal Crossing with this article. Go on, you can do it. I believe in you. Try to remember us here at Animal Crossing World when you’re rich and famous, okay?

(via Reddit)

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