New Animal Crossing amiibo cards of new villagers are coming for Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s fall update

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Nintendo has just announced a whole new series of Animal Crossing amiibo cards set to release this fall, compatible with Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s upcoming update.

The new Animal Crossing amiibo cards have been specifically designed for use with Animal Crossing: New Leaf and feature fresh new villagers never before seen in the game. When you scan one into Animal Crossing: New Leaf after the fall update, you’ll be able to explore the villager’s interior in their mobile home.

From there, it looks like you’ll be able to order furniture from their mobile home, or even ask them to move into your town as a full resident. Based on the heavy placement of each villager’s furniture on their amiibo card, we think this will be a large aspect of the cards.


In total, the new series will include fifty cards, which is quite an astonishing amount of new villagers to be adding four years later! Check out a peek at the first three to be revealed above with new villagers Hopkins, Vivian, and Ike. Pricing has yet to be formally announced, but the packing looks to be identical to the previous Animal Crossing amiibo cards, so the pricing may be as well.

Look forward to picking up these new Animal Crossing amiibo cards starting on November 3rd in Japan, November 11th in Europe, and finally all the way on December 2nd in North America.

UPDATE 12/09: Animal Crossing Welcome amiibo cards are now available for purchase in the United States at Amazon, in the UK at the Official Nintendo Store, and in Canada at Walmart.

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    Those new villagers mentioned are from prior Animal Crossing games, either the original, or the Japan-only e+.

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      Yup, got a follow-up article coming about that.

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    I just ‘Wisped’ the cute little Flurry into my town. It was nice not having to wait for some random villager, and then having to basically bribe them into moving in by playing their games!