Why the new Nintendo Switch system could be perfect for Animal Crossing

2 years ago 9 Comments

Even though the new Nintendo Switch system was just announced yesterday, our minds are already pondering what Nintendo’s next platform could mean for Animal Crossing.

If you haven’t heard yet, the outstanding new feature of the Nintendo Switch is the system’s so-called hybrid nature. At home, it sits in the dock outputting video to a television, but just pop it out of the dock and attach controllers to become a handheld to take with you everywhere. The nature of this is perhaps perfect for the Animal Crossing series.

There’s been a long-running debate over the years ever since the first iteration of Animal Crossing on the Nintendo DS about whether the series is better on a handheld or home system. Some folks prefer the experience on their large television sitting back, while others value the portability higher.

However with the Nintendo Switch, we can finally get a definitive Animal Crossing game for both sitting back at home on the couch for the big TV, as well as the portability of Animal Crossing on the go. No matter which is your preferred play style, an Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch could be for you.

It’s quite possible this is the reason that Nintendo has held off on releasing a main series Animal Crossing title on the Wii U, instead choosing to bid their time with spin-offs until the Nintendo Switch was ready for a new Animal Crossing.

This isn’t just about having an Animal Crossing title developed for both play styles either. Perhaps best of all is the possibility of having one consistent village that comes with you everywhere, whether that be on your television, or on the go.


However on the flip side, we’ll have to say goodbye to the dual screen setup which Wild World and New Leaf both put to great use. It’s not the end all though — perhaps we’ll see a slide-out inventory menu instead given the relatively large screen. Early estimates place the size somewhere around six and a half inches large.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the Nintendo Switch, and what you’d like to see from a potential Animal Crossing title for the system in the future.

  • Micah Davis

    We will hopefully see it on Nov 1 at the Direct!

    • Micah Davis

      Also I can play it on my tv, and on the toilet, so win win

  • Jimmy Boy

    There’s not been much of a debate, the handheld iterations sold roughly 80% of the series, with even the spinoff giving the highest selling console version a run for its money- A SPINOFF that’s not even got anything more than decorating!

    Plus, it’s not even America or Europe where the majority of those handheld sales come, it’s Japan! Those handheld iterations have approximately 50% of their worldwide sales from the land of the rising sun. This is on top of the fact that Americans continue to buy Nintendo home consoles more than their Japanese counterparts, while Japan has been buying more handhelds than any other region (a first for Nintendo since the Game Boy through the DS all had Japan trailing- the handheld market is shrinking worldwide, but in Japan it’s not as bad as Western markets since the 3DS has already outsold the GBA there while in America it’s still less than 50% of GBA sales after almost 6 years).

    This is perfect to try to recapture the West while retaining Japan, both the game, and the system, that’s why Nintendo did this, Iwata was a freaking genius for realizing this!! Animal Crossing will have the home console for the majority of Westerners who play consoles, and the handheld for the majority of Japanese who play handhelds. Should make Animal Crossing: Switch the highest selling in the series since it’s going to encompass both regions equally.

    • Sinistrum

      How do you evaluate the loss of people bying both the handheld as well as the stationary system?

  • 14M4N0NYM0U5

    The lower screen was mainly used for inventory and map.. those can easily be made accesable by pressing the start button … I don’t see how that will be an obstacle. I’d even love to see it all come together in 1 screen. Dual screen is on the way out anyway…

    • video-gamecaster

      I See You’re a Man of Culture as well

  • JKO

    I would LOVE to have Animal Crossing on the Switch!

  • Noelle

    This would be a factor in me purchasing a Switch.

  • Beth Stockton

    I’d love to see animal crossing for switch but I hope it has more features than the first lot of AC games also I hope there’s a way to design out fits ect because there no stylus for the toutch screen