Animal Crossing: Autumn Falling Leaves 3DS HOME Menu theme released worldwide

2 years ago 3 Comments

UPDATE 11/12: This theme has now been released in North America and Europe as well under the name Animal Crossing: Falling Leaves and Animal Crossing: Autumn Leaves.

Yet another theme has been added to the never-ending library of Animal Crossing HOME Menu themes available for the Nintendo 3DS.

The new Autumn-esque Animal Crossing theme features Lottie, Isabelle, Timmy, and Tommy hard at work raking leaves and tidying up for the fall season with an animation on the bottom screen. Accompanying the animation is a pretty generic and static leaves background on the top screen.

Of course, the software icons and folders are themed appropriately with leaves too. As for background music, it’s sporting the 12PM Noon soundtrack from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

It arrived on the Japanese Theme Shop just a few days ago for the standard price of 200 yen. As always, full details are available on the official Japanese website. We’ve got full video of the theme below, check it out.

Stay tuned for information on a worldwide release later, we’ll have it right here if it comes. The previously released Winter Frolics theme in January made it across borders, so hopefully we’ll see the same happening soon for this Autumn theme. UPDATE 11/12: The theme is now released worldwide.