Animal Crossing: New Leaf + Sanrio (Hello Kitty) amiibo cards coming to Europe & Japan this month

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In the latest Animal Crossing Direct, Nintendo announced a collaboration amiibo card series between Sanrio and Animal Crossing bringing Hello Kitty with other Saniro inspired characters and furniture to Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Each Saniro amiibo card will bring one of six new villagers inspired by a Saniro character and their RV Trailer to your campground in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Inside the trailers are a selection of fresh furniture and items fitting to the character’s theme. For instance, in Rilla’s trailer where you can order a full Hello Kitty costume for your player with MEOW Coupons.

The cards were previously revealed in Japan a couple months ago and released last week, but their status in other regions was unclear at the time. Now we know they’re coming to Europe as well on November 25th! Notably, the entire series of six cards will be available in a single pack for £4.99 from the Nintendo UK Store here and GAME here (international import friendly), with no need to purchase multiple packs or deal with annoying duplicates.

UPDATE JULY 2018: Unfortunately, the ship has long sailed for purchasing these Sanrio amiibo cards in new condition from any official retailer as they are no longer produced — your only real option is to hunt them down on eBay at a highly marked up price. Click here to search eBay for the Sanrio Animal Crossing amiibo cards. They are heavily marked up though, we’re warning you!

Another option you may want to consider is what’s called custom or fan made Sanrio amiibo cards. Some sellers on sites like Etsy re-print replicas of the Sanrio amiibo card designs and then add in the special NFC chip which allows the card to be scanned like a real amiibo into Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

These custom-made cards are essentially a working copy with their legality and morality in question, but in the current situation where prices of official cards are outrageous and no longer produced, we think it is worth considering as a last resort. Click here to search Etsy for the Sanrio Animal Crossing amiibo cards.

We have high resolution images of all six Sanrio amiibo cards included in the series, with a peek at their unique furniture displayed on the cards too. Check out Rilla, Marty, Etoile, Chai, Chelsea, and Toby below!







As for North America, it doesn’t look like Nintendo of America has any official plans right now to bring these amiibo cards over to the region officially. That’s quite a shame considering Nintendo of Europe is making the initiative to release them.

But on the bright side, it’s been confirmed that you can import the cards from either Europe or Japan and use them on your North America copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf with no issues. Amiibo cards have historically been free of any region locks, and the Sanrio amiibo cards are no exception.