DEAL: This amiibo-capable New Nintendo 3DS system is only $99 on Black Friday

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We thought we’d highlight one of Nintendo’s best deals this Black Friday for Animal Crossing: New Leaf players who haven’t yet upgraded to a New Nintendo 3DS system.

Nintendo will be selling a regular-sized New Nintendo 3DS for just $99.99 this Black Friday on November 23rd in the United States, and $139.99 in Canada. We suspect the deal will stick around beyond Black Friday for some of the holiday season, but you’ll probably want to grab it ASAP just in case.

We highlight this deal in particular because the New Nintendo 3DS has amiibo functionality built-in to the system under the touch screen, which is perfect for the new Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo update. Other upgrades the New Nintendo 3DS offers include the C stick controls, faster load times in some games, and eye-tracking 3D.

The regular-sized New Nintendo 3DS also supports replaceable cover plate designs, and boy are there a lot of Animal Crossing plates out there to try! For starters, check out the Nooklings and K.K. Slider plates on Nintendo’s official store. Or my personal favorite on Amazon here.

This system will be available in both white and black versions with matching cover plates installed for their color scheme, take a close look at both versions below:


For more on the New Nintendo 3DS, read our full review on the New Nintendo 3DS Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Bundle from last fall here. The Black Friday model is identical aside from the Animal Crossing cover plates and included digital game copy.