VIDEO TOUR: The official Nintendo Dream Village has been updated with Welcome amiibo villagers and more

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With Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s recently released Welcome amiibo update, the official Japanese dream village has now been completely re-created with new content.

It’s packed full with ten of the new villagers added into the game and makes for a great way to check out some of the new content without owning any amiibo figures or cards yourself. This even includes two of the new Hello Kitty / Sanrio villagers and items obtained from their accompanying amiibo cards.

The character’s homes have also been decked up with the best new items introduced in the update from amiibo like The Legend of Zelda and Splatoon cross-over items. Of course, the Hello Kitty furniture hasn’t been forgotten here either with a look at a couple of those sets. New cardboard face standees are on display here too with cut-outs of Harvey, Hello Kitty, the Squid Sisters, and more available for screenshot opportunities.

For those who don’t quite feel like making the trek themselves to the Dream Suite, we’ve got you covered with a commentated video tour of the village. Watch it in the embed above or click the link here.

Visit the updated Nintendo Dream Village in your own copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf by heading to the Dream Suite on Main Street and entering the Dream Address code 0000-000F-4241. See you there!

  • Jimmy Boy

    Yo, Justin, the reason it’s “Ninten” is because they’re using the English alphabet (romaji), and in the Japanese version, you only get 6 characters, which forces “Nintendo” to be “Ninten”. Now you know, and like the 80’s Saturday morning, which became “the more you know” in the 90’s, that’s “one to grow on”.

  • Jimmy Boy

    Oh, and on e+ you could use e-reader cards to choose your islanders, so luck wasn’t involved.

  • Sarah

    Ursa is the Latin word for Bear.
    Ursula is a fantastic name for a bear villager.