Animal Crossing for GameCube reportedly under testing for Nintendo Switch’s Virtual Console

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Nintendo has plans to bring GameCube games to the Nintendo Switch via Virtual Console next year and Animal Crossing is one title in testing currently, according to a report today from Eurogamer.

Popular Nintendo GameCube games like Luigi’s Mansion, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Super Mario Sunshine are already completed and ready to be released, while a build of Animal Crossing is currently in testing for a potential release.

Furthermore, the report goes on to make mention of the classic NES games inside Animal Crossing, which are currently present in the testing build and working successfully. That means we could have emulated NES games inside the emulated GameCube game on the Nintendo Switch. Quite a feat.

For those unfamiliar with Animal Crossing on the GameCube, the game featured the unique feature to obtain and play various classic NES games in your character’s home while still inside Animal Crossing. Furniture items in the style of a Nintendo Entertainment System and game on the floor could be interacted with allowing the game to be played in full. The games included Balloon Fight, Donkey Kong, Excitebike, and more.


It would actually be quite impressive and frankly somewhat shocking if these were included in the re-release. We always had assumed they would be removed on the grounds of obvious business concerns regarding Virtual Console sales. However, it appears this may not be the case after all which is a great victory for players above the interest of profits.

Nintendo is reportedly looking into the possibility of supporting the GameCube controller adapter as well, allowing the games to be played on the original controller intended, but this is still in the works. If that doesn’t pan out though, the Nintendo Switch’s controls should be plenty adequate.

If a fresh new Animal Crossing experience won’t be coming to the Nintendo Switch for a while after a release, an Animal Crossing GameCube on the Virtual Console early on could be a decent carrot on a stick. Especially given that many Animal Crossing fans these days are unlikely to have ever played the original, with many fans joining the series in City Folk and New Leaf.

  • Jimmy Boy

    *cough* more fans joined under Wild World than any of the prior ones. That’s why they think City Folk is just Wild World, because they never saw the stuff from the original which was added back to the stuff from Wild World to make City Folk- like Wisp! IGN called it a “blending of the first 2” for a reason. Also, I highly, HIGHLY doubt they’ll add back games which required a cheating device to get without making special ways to legitimately access it- ie their top 2 sellers, the Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Brothers.

    • Blake Good

      They could, they tweaked WW to where you don’t need another villager to visit your town, in order to upgrade Nook’s store, since Wi-fi doesn’t work with the VC release. Then they also added the e-reader levels in SMA4:SMB3. Then there was the MM:BN games as well as that added extra features, only available via GBA link cable. Hopefully they also give us more NES games like StarTropics, but I doubt it.

  • Blake Good

    I enjoyed this one more than WW and it’s a tie between this and NL, as the best AC game. I think CF was just a carbon copy of WW and didn’t really improve on much, unlike NL.

  • DynamicButtscratch37

    I don’t see the point. New Leaf puts all previous versions of AC to shame. There’s not much to do on them in comparison. Might as well just make a new AC for Switch.

  • googum

    yes the nes please make it the same thing as gamecube

  • Aurora K.

    Noo please just give us a new AC!