Free White Festive Tree DLC and MEOW Coupons now available in North America

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A brand new White Festive Tree DLC item has been released for Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo players in North America! The item comes accompanied with a gift of 15 free MEOW Coupons as well included in the letter.

To receive the DLC item and MEOW Coupons, make sure you have SpotPass enabled on your Nintendo 3DS as well as in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Next time you load up the game, you should a receive a letter from Nintendo hand-delivered by Pete containing both the White Festive Tree item and 15 free MEOW Coupons.

This content was previously released in Japan on December 1st, but is now available in North America as well. It doesn’t appear to have made it to Europe yet at this time, so please let us know in the comments below if you receive the letter in Europe!


We’re pretty excited now about the possibility of further new DLC items being released going forward added inside the Welcome amiibo update. Stay tuned to Animal Crossing World as always as we keep you updated on everything Animal Crossing.

  • Boytoxic38

    didn’t get it…. does it require the 1.5 update version ??

  • Boytoxic38

    Living in Canada by the way

  • Boytoxic38

    It’s okay, I got it, and to answer my own question ^^’ : no, it is not necessary to to download the 1.5 version to have it 😉

  • Visigoth

    I’ve activated the SpotPass on both Nintendo 3DS and the game but I haven’t received anything yet. 🙁 Any help??

    • Boytoxic38

      What appears to work is to connect your 3DS to the internet and then close it (=> it will activate your SpotPass) : normally, after few seconds, the blue light will glow on your 3DS and then go to your game, and Pete will be at your door’s house. This is how it worked for me.
      However, it seems that this DLC is only distributed in Japan and North America, if you’re not living in these locations, not sure that it’ll work.

      • I finally got it yesterday! Basically I had the 3DS connected to the Internet before BUT I totally forgot that my hubby created a new wifi connection like a week or so ago and I didn’t upgrade the 3DS to the new one. 😛

        Thanks for the answer though, after connecting to the new wifi I closed it like you suggested and then open it back and Pete was there. :3

  • Wrathie83

    So far nothing (I live in England) 🙁