Our Top Five New Features from Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome Amiibo + AMIIBO CARD GIVEAWAY!

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We recently worked with Nintendo of Canada on producing a short video highlighting some of the best new features included in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo update released last year! Watch the video below to check out our favourite highlights of the update, and keep reading on for an amiibo card giveaway.

Did you hear giveaway and keep on reading? You’re in luck! Nintendo of Canada has also provided us with fifty Animal Crossing Welcome amiibo card packs to give back to our readers in a giveaway! Unfortunately, we can only offer these to those with a Canadian mailing address, but please spread the word with any friends from Canada that might be interested if you can’t enter yourself.

To enter the amiibo card giveaway, simply leave a comment below sharing your favourite new feature of the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo update. We’ll randomly select fifty winners from the comments section to win a single pack of amiibo cards each in about three weeks from this article.

Full Giveaway Terms

  • Canadian residents only please; you’ll need to provide us a mailing address within Canada to receive your prize.
  • One entry per person please, or household if applicable. (we won’t ship multiple to the same address)
  • Fifty winners will be picked, each receiving one pack of the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo cards.
  • Please enter by end of day Pacific Time on April 18th, 2017 as the giveaway will close around that date.
  • Winners will be contacted using the email attached to their comment, make sure it is valid.
  • Prizes are provided and shipped by Nintendo of Canada, but the giveaway itself is hosted by Animal Crossing World.

Plus, watch us open up five of the very same Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo card packs that you can win in our giveaway in the “unboxing” (what boxes…?) video below:

Full Disclosure: This video content was sponsored by Nintendo of Canada who provided Animal Crossing merchandise to produce the content as well as compensation.

  • ACNLover

    My favorite feature is the campground because I think the rv idea is very cool and now we can get any villager we want.

  • Dan Putnins

    Definitely the amiibo support.

  • Charis Remigio

    My favourite feature from the update is that villagers don’t move onto paths anymore. This has made it much easier to landscape my town and eliminates the need to plot reset!

  • Megan

    My favourite new feature would definitely be how we can choose to decorate like you can in Happy Home Designer. It makes designing so much easier in New leaf now!

  • ccee633 cccee633

    I like the amiibo support, I have always found amiibos cool!

  • haruru

    The amiibo support of course! We also got a bunch of cool Animal Crossing amiibos. There can never be too much Animal Crossing merchandise to hoard!

  • sail0rm00n

    My favourite feature is the vast number of new items and the new decorating tool! Makes decorating a lot more fun and allows for a lot more variety 🙂

  • Kymme

    I love all of the new items you can purchase for your house, all the new villagers that can now move in, and the expansion of a lot more things to do so this game never gets “stale”!

  • Emily

    I love the new Amiibo campsite! So adorable.

  • Sherry

    I love the extra storage space and redecorating in the Happy Home Designer way was so much simpler to use in New Leaf.

  • Catherine De la Sablonnière

    I love being able to chose among my amiibo cards which villagers can come and live in my town!

  • Aiden Curtis

    I like the hippy RV guy who likes to exchange declarations of independence for OG stuff.

  • Mary Eff

    I love the RV campground and the new NPC, Harvey.

  • TheFloppyBeaver

    Amiibo support, the RV dude and new Nintendo themed items!

  • Naomi Hogan-Paul

    I love the secret storeroom and the new decorating tool 🙂

  • Tiana

    It is so hard to choose just one favourite feature. The Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome Amiibo update went so far what I would have thought of as an “update.” Every feature of it held the endearingly charming characteristics that I associate with Animal Crossing. I have to say though that the feature which most won my heart was the ability to dance by the campfire at night.

  • T.D.

    Being able to sit on rocks. You may think this is not an amazing feature, but it is! Villagers were riding these babies for miles and now it’s about time that the Mayor can too! A mayor should be able to reflect upon his villagers.

  • Jess

    The new amiibo support!
    The RV idea is neat.

  • Erica

    I really love the campground!!

  • Gaby

    I love the Wii U and the 3DS, it reminds me of the Gamecube version of Animal Crossing where you can unlock NES games.

  • Amy Miller

    A lot of the new features are really great, but I particularly like the secret storage room and some of the new furniture items.

  • Rina

    I love the amiibo support! Mostly because I bought all the figures for Amiibo Festival, so I’m glad they have further use.

  • Megan Anne Caza

    My favorite part are the special villagers like the monster hunter guy and wolf link!

  • QFKA

    I love all the new furniture and features (like being able to play minigames) that came with welcome amiibo!

  • Tamara Ortiz

    Some of my favorite features are the ways in which we can interact with all types of new characters, and read the fun descriptions about them! As well as the side games included in the Nintendo 3DS and Wii, exclusively from certain RV vans!

  • Grace

    There was a lot of great new content that came with the welcome amiibo update. I’d have to say my favourite is the touch-based furniture arrangement that they introduced! It makes decorating so much easier. :^D

  • Tu

    My favourite new feature is definitely Harvey’s campground. He’s a pretty chill guy, what’s there not to like? Being able to scan in villagers and buy the featured items using MEOW coupons is great.

  • Lindsay Presot

    I love that they brought wisp back!

  • VanessaMay18

    I love that you can scan villagers into your game. Finally, no more pining and cycling and paying high prices online!

  • Boytoxic38

    What I really liked with the update was the possibility to have all of the HHD furnitures and decorations

  • egg

    I love how you can put dogs on beds!!!! It’s so cute and makes a room look much more cozy and “lived in”. (the nintendogs you can get from the fortune cookies)

  • Bon

    Being able to choose where villagers move in now using paths is super helpful!


    I love the quest system in the form of the CAT Machine and MEOW Coupons. A set of challenges is something to spice up the daily grind.

  • Vanessa G

    I think the new items are my favourite part of the update. There are so many more decorating opportunities!!!

  • Andrea Hilborne

    I absolutely love the fact you can scan in amiibos and each has unique items you can obtain 🙂

  • It’s a significant update, that they easily could have charged for. I’ve certainly paid for DLC that wasn’t this good. I like everything they added, but favorite part by far, is the playable Wii U and 3DS. It reminds of the NES games on GameCube. I want to see more of this in the next game.

  • Annick Carrier

    What I like the most might be the storage room and campsite. It’s hard to choose, I like all new features.

  • Colleen Donlan

    I love how I can move furniture around like I can in the Happy Home Designer game.

  • Claudia Bowers

    My favourite part has to be the villager RVs (The fact that they now have collaborations with other characters is super cool!) I also love the mini games that come with the virtual consoles. It’s a great way to pass the time when you’re bored!

  • Sarah

    Before the update, I was barely playing anymore. With the Welcome Amiibo update, I was able to tap in my dream villager and invite her to move in. Now I’m playing every day to make sure she’s happy and won’t move. It’s the only thing motivating me to keep playing! I love this new addition to the game… and it makes me want to collect more amiibo cards. I’m also a huge fan of the campsite and RV items. I appreciate how it all connects with the MEOW coupons and how you have to complete new ‘missions’ to get the coupons to buy the adorable things.

  • craig466

    Before the update I wouldn’t have touched the cards with a ten foot pole. Now that I can scan and choose which villagers can come to live in my town I am hooked. For example we decided to have a town of all mice. That was almost impossible to imagine pulling off before. Absolutely love the update! Thank you so much Nintendo!

  • Kitty2201

    My favorite thing about the update is all the new items they added and the 50 new villagers. I also love the new puzzle game they added, it’s so fun!

  • Terry Irving

    What I love best, and it’s hard to pick just one thing, but I would have to say, the daily initiatives to earn the Meow Coupons … even when you have played the game as long as I have and are running multiple towns, it makes each new day less ho-hum with just the same old things to do. Now there are new tasks to do each day and an added challenge to fulfill the small quests … i guess I have always like that questing aspect of gameplay and now I can enjoy it in Animal Crossing Welcome Amiibo!!

  • RosieThePeppyCat

    My favourite thing about the New Update, is the ability to play Puzzle League and Desert Island Escape. It seems small, but it’s super fun. I also really love all of the new items that came out.

  • Enzo Voci

    My favourite part of the update is being able to use a WiiU or 3DS to play Puzzle League or Desert island in my own ACNL home!!

  • Dearie Desu

    I play it daily so when I get to see my son again one day, he can see all the gifts and letters I gave to his account when we made his character back when he was 4 years old. He will be so excited to play the game since he didn’t get to play when updated and having the mini console games just like I do in real life. I dressed up his house with space and camp as part of the promise of continuing to spend time with him watching the stars and camping with him when we can be with each other again.

  • Michelle

    What I love most about the new update are the town initiatives! After having played the game since it initially came out, it’s so great to have some daily missions to give me incentive to come back and spend time on the game each day. And the MEOW coupons are a great bonus!

  • Matthew

    I love the new features especially using puzzle league on a wii u or 3ds. Great update can’t wait for more.

  • Kelley

    Love all the new villagers you can get with the cards, having a lot of fun collecting my favorites. I also really like the town initiatives, really keeps me coming back everyday to get something done in my town!

  • Sunnyleafs

    I love the town initiatives and the CAT Machine. I feel like it adds to the continued replayability of the game. Also, I love that one of my favourite animals from the original GameCube is returning in the Welcome Amiibo update: Boots, an adorable green alligator. And Harv is the best.

  • Jack

    The villagers RV’s are the best. Coolest addition so far. I love seeing them decorated as they are super colourfull.

  • I love the Splatoon related unlockable content!

  • Mark

    I love the added amiibo support. It brings new life to new leaf. :p

  • Brian Santos

    I love the extra space we now get. no more throwing out shirts or wallpaper i’ll never use. Time to live the AC Hoarder Life!

  • SaCul

    my favorite addition is more zelda collectibles through the amiibos!

  • Serflex

    Added Amiibo support, additional functionality to existing Amiibos is always great!

  • Jenny C

    Love the amiibo support so I can move my favorite villagers in!

  • Lady_Z

    Being new to the world of Amiibos and slightly obsessed with them now, I’ll have to say that my favourite new feature is the additional Amiibo support. Fun fun fun!

  • Chris S

    I love the new town initiatives. I feel like it will keep me coming back every day to play.

  • Dave Kanaya

    I love having all that extra storage space! Now I can use the museum as intended.

  • Michael C

    Being a big fan of amiibo in general I was super excited to have some new amiibo support in new leaf. It makes collecting that much more fun!

  • Domo Arigato

    I loved the mini games that came with the update, especially Puzzle League!

  • Jimmy Li

    The amiibo support is awesome

  • Junk3t

    I liked Nintendo adding characters from other series directly into the animal crossing game, Wolf Link for example.

  • lokperl

    I liked having new missions added for the MEOW coupons. Added to an already huge list of stuff to do in the game 😀

  • TigRawwr

    I liked all the new furniture they added along with the update.

  • Paul Sandhu

    Amiibo support, amiibo obsession 🙂

  • Robert McLaren

    This is an unfair question. I don’t know if I can choose one. I would have to say adding the ability to rearrange the house by adding the new method from Happy Home Designers. I would say Puzzle League but that is a separate game within the game. It reminds me of the NES games of the Gamecube version.

    Personally I was just happy to get a new feature and not quite the over-hull we got. There were almost enough non-amiibo feature that it would have been a good start to a Wii U version that we never got.

    I still haven’t got my Police station but now I think I will try to stake my town with the right people to request it. I think that is a good start for amiibo related features I prefer.

  • Ikkun

    Favourite new feature would definitely be the meow coupons. They add some spice to my NL life by giving me extra daily tasks to do that aren’t the same thing every single day. And the payoff is great cause you can buy new furniture with it.

  • Jeremy Mann

    The added Amiibo support is really cool. It’s pretty great getting to see other Nintendo franchise characters show up in my town!

  • Brett Cuz

    My favorite part is getting the zelda characters in the game!

  • thebloudymorder

    I thought that you could choose the residents of your town with the amiibo was pretty neat.

  • LoveSalad

    Amiibo support, crossover items and town changes are all welcome. But my favorite changes would have to be for the extra storage and the easier way to move furniture. It was so nice in Happy Home academy to just create a design so quickly compared to the push/pull method of every of Animal Crossing.

  • Franco D

    Amiibo Support FTW!

  • Julius

    My favourite new feature has got to be the extra storage! I can actually hold multiple sets now.

  • marinari

    I’d have to say that my favourite new feature is being able to sit on rocks, and throwing bird seed with Harv. It seems silly with all the cool new features being added, but every once in a while I just want to pelt my villagers with bird seed and take a nap on a nice cushy rock.

  • Robert

    The campground with amiibo support, especially the Zelda and Splatoon crossover stuff

  • Motonelle

    Amiibo support is nice, I enjoyed inviting Wolf Link in my town.

  • Patrick Oakes

    Amiibo support… Finally

  • cool_boy_mew

    My favorite new features is definitively the new minigames. The Island one and especially, Animal Crossing Puzzle League =D

  • Jammy

    The RVs and the expanded storage! No more putting stuff all over the floor…

  • Elle

    I’m enjoying buying furniture from the RVs!

  • Christy

    My favourite addition is definitely the ability to purchase the extra storage space (VERY useful) and the ability to buy DLC items from campers.

  • Nicola

    I love the updated storage space!

  • kyonlx

    The extra storage space is really great! I also enjoy the amiibo support, bringing a variety of characters into the game.

  • Sparkeagle

    I loved seeing the various crossover characters especially Wolf Link

  • PTKnight13

    I love being able to get access to any villager now via amiibo cards, it allows me to create my dream town!

  • animal_hunter

    I LOVE the fact that I can move furniture easily now just by using my stylus and also that we can invite villagers to move in using Amiibo cards!

  • Xo

    I love all the awesome new furniture! 🙂

  • Reid

    I didn’t start playing New Leaf until after the update, but I can’t imagine trying to organize all of my stuff without the secret storage space, so I guess that would have to be my favourite!

  • Steve E

    My favourite part of the update was mini-games

  • Nude panda

    I liked getting some of my favourite villagers from the amiibo cards :3

  • Vanessa

    I love being able to get my dreamies quite more easily with the amiibo cards! :]

  • Thompson Yono

    I freakin’ LOVED the extra storage room that they gave us in the update as well as moving around furniture easily like in Happy Home Designer .

  • Jatin Hajatri

    I really like the fact that I can bring Zelda characters to my town with this update!

  • David

    Fave feat is amiibo support obvi

  • Meizmal

    I really love the campground! Mainly, the unique RV’s and unorderable items there. My home feels more alive with them. Though the campground itself is a pretty area.

  • Alex

    I actually just got the game for the first time this January, and I’ve fallen in love with it! The amiibo are pretty cool, but if I had to choose something “post-update”, I really like the campground where you buy things with Meow coupons. I used the campground to bring in Wolf Link.

    I’m really glad I got AC… it’s so much fun and such a charming little game. No idea why I didn’t get it sooner!

  • Iggly

    My favourite addition from the Welcome amiibo Update was the Deserted Island Escape minigame. I always wanted to try that out, but I didn’t want to buy amiibo Festival. That is why I was very excited when I heard it will be available in New Leaf for free.

  • Mushmelo

    My favorite feature is all the new items and the extra storage space to collect them in!!

  • MKK448

    My favourite addition is amiibo support! 😀 Especially the cards, we can finally get our favourite villagers to move in!

  • Adam Exler

    I love all the small improvements to ACNL, such as being able to sit on rocks now, being able to shake a tree while holding a one handed item, etc.

  • Rio

    My favourite new feature is being able to move villagers in and out with the amiibo cards! 😀 Also SITTING ON ROCKS :OOO

  • Taco Penguin

    My favourite new feature is either the MeowBucks(?) system or how we can move in any villager we want :)))

  • Alisha A

    My favourite addition to acnl is definitely the amiibo functionality! If I lose my favourite villager and I have their card I can easily scan them back in! <3

  • Scoobi

    I love how there is now some new furniture such as Kick’s shoe polishing set!!

  • Meows

    Apart from the awesome new furniture, the fact that villagers no longer settle in the middle of the path is the most awesome thing since sliced bread!! No more spending hours plot resetting! Or having to remodel your entire town because your dream villager moved into a terrible spot >_<.

  • Amy Leung

    I really enjoy the new Sanrio cards that came out as a special edition, and now it is usable for Animal crossing new leaf! The characters and furniture/clothing it came with are all so precious and lovely… I also appreciate the option to sell your house and gain some bells back for making a new town. That makes earning bells and saving up so much easier! I think the whole new update package is really special to the Animal crossing series, they’ve developed so much over the years. I’m thankful for such a great game series to still continue, I hope it will! It will always be my #1 Nintendo game of all time 🙂

  • Daphne Shum

    I love that villagers will avoid moving on top of patterns and the new clothing and furniture!

  • sirentica

    I really love all of the new furniture and the RV campground! The RV campground really gives you a new reason to keep playing every day, and as someone that’s been playing for so long it’s nice to be able to have new goals every once in a while.

  • angry slice of pie

    I love the Amiibo support and the new items you can buy with MEOW coupons that used to be exclusive to HHD. I remember playing HHD and thinking, “Oh, I’d love to have that item in my ACNL home!”

  • Elly

    Amiibo support is the best new feature, but what really is the best thing from the update is that friends are playing again!

  • NowJoJo

    I love the camping feature 🙂 I like to trade with the villagers

  • Sunny

    I’m loving the Meow Coupons and the RV!!! So awesome!

  • jonathan

    I love the item placement system from hhd, makes everything so much easier.

  • anna

    My favourite new feature is definitely the new amiibo support!!!

  • Amina

    I love the new amiibo support!

  • Jessica

    The MEOW coupons are great as a new currency for exclusive Happy Home Designer furniture! The new update has gotten me back on Animal Crossing, as I set down the game for a while. I also like the new villagers!

  • Hayden Chuter

    Kid Cat can never leave my town now, best feature

  • starlakeprismST

    One of my favourite activities to do in the game is collecting, so I love seeing all the new exclusive items and objects that have been added. Some like the 3ds and wii reminds me of the original game!

  • Teanna McCallion

    My favourite new feature would have to be the non-playable characters RVs. Being able to interact with characters such as Jingle and Zipper T. Bunny outside of the in-game holidays is wonderful. Plus you can get some pretty cool items!

  • NarnianPenguin

    I love that there are HHD items!!! They’re so nice in my house, especially with the theme I’ve got going!

  • Pixlplume

    My favourite part of the update is the return of Wisp! Being able to bring villagers to the campgrounds; or ask them to move in. He’s the catalyst of all my dreams coming true!

  • Samantha Fosado

    The new feature that I like the most is the possibility to use amiibo cards; whether to bring back villagers without having to go through the 16-villager cycle or to buy neat stuff from their vans, it’s my favourite feature by far 🙂

  • Saskia Berglund

    I love the new camp ground and the ability to use Amiibo cards to bring special villagers in that would normally only be seen in town or to even see the random special event villagers in there that you only see once a year! (also the buying items from their vans is great too)

  • Anthony Libio

    This is probably a lot of people’s favorite aspect, but my I really love how it’s become so easy to get your favorite villagers moved into your town :). My second favorite would have to be the ability to move out villagers in your town :).

  • Luna

    I’m so so so glad that amiibo support was added in the update! Being able to scan in my favourite villagers and have them move into my town is awesome. I also really like being able to scan in npcs/special characters and order furniture from their RVs. 😀

  • Kayla

    The thing I like the most is being able to buy items with meow coupons at a slightly inflated price from Harvey at the new Campgrounds area. Just being able to see something new everyday is a nice little surprise!

  • Karen

    My favourite new feature is the storeroom because that way I have more space since I was always running out of space before!

  • Jennifer Yeung

    Favourite feature? Making Wisp turn into a character (like Stitches) and make them move to my town <333

  • Sabrina Skoczylas

    My new favourite feature has to be the ability to scan in Amiibo figures/cards. My favourite villagers can stay in my town forever now and others can give me really neat furniture! 🙂

  • Elle Celle

    My favourite feature is that my spending all of that money on Amiibo cards was not a huge waste. Now I can put them to good use. I love being able to chose the villagers I want without having to hunt them down in different groups.

  • Sabrina Skoczylas

    My new favourite feature has to be the ability to scan in Amiibo figures/cards. My favourite villagers can stay in my town forever now and others can give me really neat furniture! 🙂

  • Alisa Kulik

    I love the ability to collect cards, I’ve always been a card collector growing up, and being able to use them in the new update has really sparked my interest in collecting once again!

  • Mare

    Gotta say, I’m really enjoying the MEOW coupon tasks. I’m at the stage where gameplay can get repetitive, so having those little goals makes the game more enjoyable.Though I must admit, the extra storage space is a VERY close second.

  • Sarah

    I really like the campsite RVs. They provide an easy way to get customized or rare items, without even paying with bells!

  • Ariane

    My favorite feature is definitely the extra storage place! I’m such an impulse buyer that I run out of space very quickly lol. Also thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  • Ace

    I love being able to shake trees while holding tools! It makes catching bees easier.

  • Mr.Fox

    I like dancing in front of the bonfire while Harvey shakes his maracas lol

  • Tammy Densley

    I love wisp, the idea of selecting a card or figurine to “possess” is funny to watch. “Yes its me wisp…but i know i sound like this person.” Always makes me laugh!

  • Lisa A. Slaunwhite

    My favorite feature is that related to town initiatives and the earning of MEOW coupons and being able to exchange those for items at the campground. The minigames on the in-game 3DS and WiiU are super cute as well!

  • Tony Peng

    My favorite new feature is probably either the secret storage room, since there’s a ton of new space, or being able to sell your town to Tom Nook, since i wanted to restart my town but i didn’t want to lose all the progress i have made in the 4 years of me playing.

  • H5D4

    My favourite new feature has to be the extra storage. Allows me to hoard more furniture and items as I slowly build my house.

  • NowJoJo

    +1 legit, my cards arived!!

  • Hannah Paige

    Aww i wish i wouldve known about this earlier i would have loved cards. My favorite new feature is being able to move in new villagers with the amiibo 🙂