Are Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s Launch Celebration Pack sales worth it?

7 months ago 4 Comments

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a free-to-play game and unsurprisingly Nintendo will be trying their hardest to lure you into spending on the app’s micro-transactions. To start off the new release, there are two special Launch Celebration packs available for purchase.

Let’s check out the inner details on these packs, what they include, how much they cost, what kind of discounts you get, and ultimately whether they’re worth your hard earned bucks or not.

Small Launch Celebration Pack

Price: $3.99 USD


120 Leaf Tickets
x1 Sea Throw Net
x1 River Throw Net
x1 Honey
x1 Fertilizer

Our Thoughts

The small launch celebration pack is priced identically to the regular pack of 100 Leaf Tickets. This nets you an extra 20 Leaf Tickets for the price, plus the other items being a bonus. If you were going to purchase a few tickets anyway, then this isn’t a bad idea as you essentially get a bonus 20 Tickets + the extra items for free

This isn’t really enough of an incentive in our opinion to be worth purchasing for the sake of it though as the extra 20 tickets are only worth one dollar. The bonus items are not hard to obtain and relatively useless in the grand scheme of things.

Large Launch Celebration Pack

Price: $20.99 USD


680 Leaf Tickets
x1 Sea Throw Net
x1 River Throw Net
x3 Fertilizer
x2 Request Ticket
x1 Calling Card

Our Thoughts

This large launch celebration pack is priced identically to the regular pack of 600 Leaf Tickets. This nets you an extra 80 Leaf Tickets for the price, which are worth about 3 dollars to 4 dollars on their own. You also get a few more bonus items than the small launch pack. In particular, it includes two Request Tickets and a Calling Card which are fairly useful.

The Request Tickets can be used to instantly unlock more requests from a visiting villager after they have ran out of tasks to complete. The Calling Card is used to summon a villager to any area of your choosing other than the home campsite.

Ultimately, neither of these launch celebration packs are attractive enough to warrant deserving an instant purchase on their own. But if you are planning on purchasing some Leaf Tickets soon anyway, you should definitely do it through one of these packs to grab yourself a few freebies. Both packs are available for a limited time until December 30th and can only be purchased once.

What are your thoughts on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s pricing? Have you already dropped any cash on Leaf Tickets or plan to in the near future? Or will you be riding it out completely free-to-play? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Going to see it as a free to try game.

  • ShugoTakahashi

    I’m glad the deal’s going to be around for over a month, because I’d like to play for a while and understand what these items actually do and how valuable they are before I buy in.

    However, I’ve started to find that Nintendo’s F2P games are much more rewarding without spending any money at all on them. Spending money just reduces their longevity and the satisfaction you get from achieving high-tier goals. Why would I want to spend money to *shorten* my time with the game if the game is actually pretty fun and adds to my daily routine?

  • Josei & the Nekomata

    I’m pretty stingy myself so I doubt I’ll get around to purchasing these bundles for the game.

  • Pierre-Luc Grenier

    I’m always okay when I spend $3 a month or so. I would not spend $20 though. For this price, the game should offer something far more interesting than leaf tickets.