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A video analysis of some new magazine scans including Picnics and the Village Tree!

6 years ago 4 Comments

Our friends over at The Bit Block have done a quick video analysis of the latest magazine scans for Animal Crossing 3DS. You’ll find picnics, a coffee shop, the village tree and much more in these new scans!

As for the original scan images, you can find them below. If you can find higher resolution versions of these, please let me know.

Latest Animal Crossing 3DS tidbits from Famitsu

6 years ago 6 Comments

We’re just getting word of a few small details from the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu. At this time there are no scans but stay tuned for those hopefully soon!

  • There is a Reset Monitoring Center in the game
  • Mr. Resetti yells at you when you reset the game
  • Determine your own laws and what you want the town to be like
  • Laws will be setup only once
  • You can make it so that your town is where flowers grow easily, a morning-type town, a rich town, and so on
  • You can have a town that doesn’t sleep, which extends the amount of hours a store stays open
  • Pay Sahara 3000 Bells and she’ll help you out with wallpaper and carpet decorations
  • Use QR codes to bring in items made in My Design PRO

Nintendo of America confirms first half of 2013 release for Animal Crossing 3DS

6 years ago 23 Comments

Many of us have expected this for a while now but Nintendo of America has just confirmed via Twitter that Animal Crossing 3DS will be releasing in the first half of 2013 in the Americas. Meanwhile Japan will be getting the game on November 8th.

Furthermore, in their Animal Crossing tweet they specified first half of 2013 while for their Luigi’s Mansion (also releasing in 2013) tweet they specified first quarter of 2013.

Take it as you will but in my opinion this means a May or June release date rather than around March. Even if we won’t be getting the game soon, we will at least be getting lots of videos on the game leading up to the Japanese release.

More Animal Crossing 3DS scans from another Japanese magazine

6 years ago 13 Comments

Woah, just a month after Famitsu had two pages on Animal Crossing 3DS, we’ve got more information from another magazine! Be sure to click on the thumbnails for the large high resolution versions. And finally, don’t forget to speculate on what you see in the comments below!

A real translation of the Famitsu feature on Animal Crossing 3DS

6 years ago 2 Comments

A few weeks back there were a few pages in the Japanese magazine Famitsu showing Animal Crossing 3DS but of course we couldn’t really read it. I posted a video on here analysing the pages but it wasn’t really a translation. However, there’s now some translated details coming from Nintendo Everything.

Some of this was already known but there’s still lots here. The details are after the break as it’s fairly long.

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