New Animal Crossing 3DS scan from Famitsu

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Here’s a new Animal Crossing 3DS scan from the Japanese magazine Famitsu. There’s a couple new screenshots/features to be found so make sure to take a good look at the scan.

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I wish we could get a translation! I’m dying for some new information about AC:3DS! I literally check for news every single day!!! Your site seems to be the first one to have any new information that arises! 🙂


Cool but wat does it say


The middle-left picture. What is that spherical thing??

this guy does an analysis of it 🙂


If I knew japanese I would tell all of you everything


and that pink lama or whatever has some resemblance to Harriet. what if shes her counterpart or sister or something. I doubt any of them but maybe Harriet is the one who inspired her design


What I don’t get about animal crossing is why do add all this new furniture while you can’t really use it, you can just turn it on. I wish they would not just stay fixated on character interaction and customization. for example the TV in animal crossing CF and WW was a straight up laughable mess. I wish you could actually watch the news or weather channel and not just hear no constantly looping music and yacking (or both) with some constantly looping 3-4 frame GIF-like crap. or the 2 arcade machines that you can do absolutely nothing with. But… Read more »


I think it would be great to connect local news and weather into other aspects of the game. Like, it’s a shame and such a waste on the Wii- they have a great weather channel on wii menu that could be used (like chillv said) on the TV, but maybe even use it to change the AC weather to what the weather is where you are! That’d be really cool.


Also, going back to what chillv said before, something i’ve noticed on AC TV is that on the news/ adverts/weather etc, it’s a cartoon-y human talking. It would be better if they had an AC character talking- perhaps even a journalist who comes to your town to get the latest ‘scoop’?! There’s so many things they could do with the TV’s that they haven’t bothered with 🙁


I agree but the only reason why they can’t fully FULLY please the fanbase and improve the game to the max is because they don’t take ideas. but yeah I wish the TV shows were watchable and not just something you keep in your house to show off. your idea is creative and unique and I agree with what you say.


If you wanna see an example of what im talking about then here starting with the TV Shows Before I start the only thing that needs text bubbles is informative channels and so on (news,quiz show, weather, and sports) The ones that don’t really need text is (the super hero show (the thing with the yellow dude running a punching) and the nature channel and the other stuff. the only reason why those 2 are the only ones listed is because those are the only ones I can comprehend, the rest are very vague That super hero show or what… Read more »


I know some japanese but not enough to translate that. for example.

Japanese Romaji: watashi no daisuki dobutsu no mori

English: I love animal crossing

“no” means the word before it is the actual subject of the title or sentence (correct me if im wrong but I think thats right)

I also know how to translate foreign names (sometimes I make a wrong translation)

Like I think alfonso is afanzuo and Pierce is Piesu or Pietsu


but im working on vocabulary and symbols at the same time now

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