Nintendo takes down the Game Store DLC shop from the Happy Home Network and blocks our video

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Remember that peek at possible upcoming Game Store DLC items in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer we posted yesterday? Looks like there might be some truth to it after all.

The items were originally found through a shop uploaded on the Happy Home Network by a Japanese player. That shop appears to have now been taken down from the network with the Project Number 0800-7722-052 no longer working and returning the error message “No projects found.”

UPDATE: The shop has been re-uploaded to the Happy Home Network at the following Project Number: 0391-7722-056 (thanks to _beatrice on Reddit for finding it)

Additionally, our video on YouTube showing off the shop and items has been copyright claimed by Nintendo, and blocked entirely in all countries. We have reached out to Nintendo for a response.

For the time being, we have reuploaded the video to Vimeo:

This looks to be a typical case of the streisand effect where by taking down the shop and videos, they are actually only confirming the existence of the items and making it more widely known to players. We’ll keep you posted on any further happenings.

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