Three new Animal Crossing amiibo figures leaked by retailer displays, including duo Timmy and Tommy

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A number of previously unseen amiibo figures from all Nintendo franchises have been spotted today from retailer displays, including Animal Crossing figures!

We have photos showing off three new leaked Animal Crossing amiibo including Rover, Kapp’n, and a duo Timmy and Tommy Nook figure. Rover and Kapp’n should be available at all retailers, while the Timmy and Tommy Nook figure is slated to be an exclusive at Target stores.


This information comes from the interactive retailer screen displays you’ll find near the amiibo section in many stores that sell amiibo. These displays recently got updated to include the newly announced amiibo from this week’s Nintendo Direct, but it appears someone screwed up and included other unannounced figures.


And if we’re hedging bets, there may be a fourth Animal Crossing amiibo figure in this set that we haven’t seen yet since a wave with only three figures would be strange. For example, the second wave scheduled to release in January features four new figures.

What may that fourth Animal Crossing amiibo figure be? We think it might be a second version of Isabelle in her Summer outfit. On the box of Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, Isabelle is suspiciously listed as the “Winter Outfit” version specifically. Plus, nearly every Animal Crossing costume in Super Mario Maker has come true as a figure so far, and the last one left is Summer Isabelle.

We’ll let you know as soon as we get any official announcement from Nintendo of these new Animal Crossing amiibo figures. Thanks to Nintendo Inquirer for the high quality photos we’ve used in this article.

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