Antonio, Bluebear, Phoebe, Raddle announced for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp release soon

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Coming off the Holiday event just released last week, Nintendo has begun to officially announce the first new villagers coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!

On the Japanese Twitter account for the game, a teaser image was posted yesterday showing the hidden silhouettes and shirts of four new villagers. Our analysis of the teaser shows these four new villagers to be Antonio, Raddle, Bluebear, and Phoebe respectively in order.

We don’t know exactly when these new villagers will release yet. However the last time Nintendo posted a teaser, for the Holiday event, we saw the event released precisely three days later. This might be an indication of how far in advance Nintendo intends to tease upcoming content prior to release which would give us an estimated date of December 6th or 7th for the release of the new villagers shown here.

These four new villagers were previously discovered in our report on upcoming content data mined from the v1.0.2 update last month. For a look at more upcoming villagers and other content on the way to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, check out our previous data mine article here.

What other new villagers are you hoping for Nintendo to introduce in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp soon?