You can finally craft your own clothing in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, more updates coming soon

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After being teased in the crafting menu since the game’s launch in November, the long-awaited clothes crafting feature is now available in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!

As you might expect, crafting clothing primarily uses paper and cotton materials although there are a few more unique items like glasses requiring steel materials. You’ll need to fork over some bells to craft too, around 1,000-2,000 for a regular piece of clothing.

At around level 50 right now, we’re seeing about 40 clothing and accessories available to craft but Nintendo says that more types of clothing can be crafted as you level up in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Surely there will be further additions in future updates as well.

There’s also an opportunity to pick up some token free Leaf Tickets during the next week with two new timed goals available with the launch of this new feature:

  • Craft a piece of clothing: 5 Leaf Tickets
  • Craft 3 pieces of clothing: 5 Leaf Tickets

Additionally, Nintendo has recently announced a few new tweaks coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in a future update including multiples rugs in your campsite, custom clothing for campers, faster Shovelstrike Quary invite sending, new bugs and fish, and Market Box improvements. Stay tuned for more on these features soon!