Animal Crossing Official Sticker Book releases today with over 800 stickers included

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Fans of the Animal Crossing series sure love to collect things and Nintendo is ready to indulge that with a new official sticker book releasing today!

The Animal Crossing Official Sticker Book is 64 pages long, contains over 800 stickers, and created by Courtney Carbone. Besides just the stickers, the book is full of activities to use the stickers for like filling in a town map with your own placed buildings and bridges or decorating a house.

To be honest, the ‘activities’ seem targeted at young children so I’m not sure our readers will be too interested in them, however the book might be a good buy even if you’d just like some cute Animal Crossing stickers to put on your planner or calendar!

There are no official previews of the stickers on the product page but we did spot a couple photos on Facebook from Hiroko Yuuji showing some of the actual stickers to give you an idea what to expect, check them out below:

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Additionally, the inside book preview on Amazon does give a peek at some of the activity pages:

And here’s the official book description from Nintendo and the publisher Random House:

Make your mark as mayor, design your home, and style your characters in this Nintendo Animal Crossing full-color activity book–plus stickers!

Something is always happening in the world of Animal Crossing! Build the perfect place to live, design your home, travel to see your friends, and get busy in your very own town in this full-color activity book. With tons of awesome activities and over 800 stickers, Animal Crossing fans will love their new life!

You can pick up the Animal Crossing Official Sticker Book at Amazon for $9.88 as of today right here. It’s also available at Amazon UK and Amazon Canada at these links.

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