Pocket Camp Club paid subscription plans, benefits, and prices fully detailed

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After announcing a preview of the upcoming paid Pocket Camp Club service earlier this week, Nintendo has fully unveiled the complete details, benefits, and pricing for the new subscription service!

As previously announced, the Pocket Camp Club service will consist of two separate plans with two entirely different purposes. However, there will be two special benefits that apply to members of both plans though!

All members will get severely reduced crafting times (in Nintendo’s example a 24-hour amenity crafting time becomes only 30 minutes) and access to the exclusive Pocket Camp Club Journal, a sort of newsletter that will reveal sneak previews of upcoming items.

Happy Helper Plan

With the Happy Helper Plan for $2.99 USD per month, you can designate any villager of your choosing that you’ve met as your camp caretaker. When you’ve picked a camp caretaker, they will help fulfill the animal requests you miss while you’re away from the game and return the rewards back to you when you login.

In addition to animal requests, the camp caretaker will also help out with Pocket Camp’s ongoing events by collecting gyroidites, tournament fish, and gardening creatures for you.

In many ways, the Happy Helper Plan sounds like it will essentially play Pocket Camp for you while you’re asleep or busy throughout the day. We’ll have to wait and see just how much your camp caretaker will actually do though.

Finally, the plan comes with 60 free Leaf Tickets every month when your membership renews. It’s not much but given how cheap the plan is to begin with, these bonus Leaf Tickets basically cover half the membership cost.

If you want to find out yourself whether this is all worth paying for, it won’t be hard as the Happy Helper Plan has a 1 month free trial available to everyone to test the waters. Naturally, this will be on automatic renewal so be sure to cancel before the month ends if you don’t want to be charged!

Cookie & Depot Plan

The second membership plan that will available is the Cookie & Depot Plan for $7.99 USD per month, a significant increase over the other plan. For your monthly fee, you will get five paid Fortune Cookies of your choice from a special new Members Only Cookie Shop, including some cookies currently unavailable in the regular shop.

In addition to the five monthly fortune cookies, the Cookie & Depot Plan unlocks a new warehouses storage feature exclusive to subscribers for storing away items from fortune cookies. Between all the warehouses, you can store up to 5000 additional items.

And based on the preview include above, we can see that the warehouses also have an updated interface where multiple of items stack up nicely together instead of the rather chaotic mess of the regular inventory menu.

While it does cost more than the Happy Helper Plan, this plan has a more straight forward set of benefits of a guaranteed set of 5 fortune cookies every month and exclusive access to the new warehouses storage feature.

As for value, the plan is the same price as a regular purchase of 200 Leaf Tickets for $7.99 that would buy you 4 Fortune Cookies, whereas the plan gives you 5 Fortune Cookies.

Although all of these new details and pricing have been revealed, the Pocket Camp Club service isn’t yet available. There will be extended maintenance on Pocket Camp from 6pm to 10pm Pacific Time on November 20th and we expect the service to be available for purchase when the maintenance concludes.

UPDATE 11/21: Want to see more on the Pocket Camp Club service? Check out our lengthy video tour of both plans here!

So what do you think of the two newly revealed Pocket Camp Club plans and their prices? Do you think they’re a good value and worth signing up for one or both? Will you be staying far away from any subscriptions in Pocket Camp? Let us know what you think in the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts and reactions!

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