Animal Crossing Manga series tying into New Horizons starts later this month

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The Animal Crossing series will expand one step further on its path to world domination later this month with a newly announced official Animal Crossing manga!

Premiering in the February 2020 edition of Shogakukan’s Ciao magazine, this new Animal Crossing manga officially titled Gather Animal’s Forest: Carefree Island News (via translation) will follow a new protagonist named Hana as she explores life on a deserted island.

If that story sounds familiar to you, it’s because that’s obviously the premise of the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons game coming to Nintendo Switch early next year! It seems clear that this manga series will be tying into New Horizons in at least some manner.

In the small preview photo we have of the manga below, you can clearly see that Timmy, Tommy, and Tom Nook will be present in some island attire similar to their appearances in New Horizons! Presumably the woman proudly holding the shovel is the new protagonist Hana too.

This isn’t the first Animal Crossing manga as there have been a few small and short-lived versions over the years for the releases of other games in the series, but none of them were particularly loved. Check out the Animal Crossing Wiki here to find some of them!

With the release of this similarly themed manga arriving just a couple months before Animal Crossing: New Horizons launches, it’s clear that this is one of the many promotions Nintendo will be running for the game as lead up to the release in just under four months! Can we get a new film too please?

Speaking of that, it’s now officially December and we’re now eagerly awaiting the drop of news for New Horizons any day now after Isabelle hinted on Twitter news would come sometime this month. Follow our release date countdown here and stay tuned to Animal Crossing World for more soon!

(thanks Ossiran and Anime News Network)

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“starts later this month” “premiering february 2020” okay you’re not even twisting it anymore, just straight up lies. Can you like not?


DANG! What’s with all the hostility towards Justin on here? You all know he doesn’t HAVE TO run this blog, right? “Fake news” is usually the result of an incentive for the person that’s telling it… I don’t really think Justin has a reason or any incentive at all to display “fake news.”

I’m excited for this! ANY AC news is good news to me while we wait this excruciatingly long wait for AC:NH! 🙂


This site is FAKE NEWS and you are being duped by this website thats probably run from the basement of a pizza parlor.


Interesting. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but I’m confused why you would come on here if you have such a low opinion of the content. Also, I’m really unsure what you’re referring to when you say “fake news.” Perhaps educating yourself on what that term actual refers to would be helpful for you so if you use it in, I don’t know, REAL LIFE events, you won’t sound like an imbecile. Just a suggestion for your own personal growth. Do with it what you please.


Great to know! One more animal crossing thing to add to the collection.


This is cool and I love it, but you said ” next month ” when this was posted a month ago and its not here.


There is an English scanlation of this series being worked on. 2 chapters coming soon!