Leif and Earth Day Arrive in Late April’s Major Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update

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The next major content update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been announced for release in Late April bringing a fan favorite returning character from Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Revealed in a new Nintendo Direct Mini this morning, a new free update will arrive for Animal Crossing: New Horizons sometime in Late April bringing the Earth Day event to the game and more.

And while he’s not called out by name, an icon of the Leif special character is shown on screen, so we’re pretty sure he will be coming to our islands as part of the Earth Day event!

Previously introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Leif was the operator of a special flower shop selling flowers, bushes, trees, fertilizer, and select plant furniture. Later on, he merged in with the main Nooklings shop to join up with them.

We’re hoping he’ll be bringing some of the conspicuously missing bushes to help decorate our islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but it’s hard to say for sure yet exactly what Leif will offer at this point. (image credit: Fandom)

Plus, it’s worth noting that the narrator during the Nintendo Direct Mini specifically stated that the Late April Update will usher in ‘newly added features, including Earth Day’, implying that there will be more additional features added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons besides the event.

The same Nintendo Direct Mini also announced brand new details and screenshots of the upcoming Bunny Day event starting on April 1st in Animal Crossing: New Horizons — learn more here!

Are you pleased to see the return of Leif? What other characters from past Animal Crossing games would you like to see return in future New Horizons updates? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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All the lack of content from previous games is a total mess.


Its too early to say that everything missing is “confirmed”
Bushes and certain aspects yeah maybe but the majority of things too early. Data miners already found code for the cafe and gyroids. At the very least, dlc and updates, similar to what were getting in april. Considering this game is now the switche’s biggest seller you better bet your top dollar were gonna be getting more qol and content without fail. Could be wrong? I dunno
Pretty confident tho


We’re obviously not getting Shampoodle now that we can change hairstyles anytime we want, but I’d really like Harriet to come back. She was cute.


Maybe she can come back and sell different hair styles or some shit. Maybe contacts.


I’m thinking either DLC hairstyles, or like different colors/highlights, maybe frosted tips lol, something that can’t be edited in the mirror,


Would be cool to see it work like a daily rotation of haircuts/beard styles like the other shops


I would like to see Tortimer come back and allow us to go to a tropical island. Something about the Nook Tickets and randomized island just doesn’t feel right to me.


I miss the mini games you could play with your friends on island tours!

Laura Matthias

I hope Crazy Redd shows up