How To Fix Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween Event Not Appearing In 2021

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Tonight’s the night to enjoy this year’s Halloween 2021 Event with Jack in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on your island, but if you’re having trouble experiencing the event, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve heard from a number of players through both website comments and emails that they haven’t been able to find the Halloween Event with Jack on their island during tonight’s festivities, despite having the correct date and time set.

The reason for this is likely due to Nintendo’s confusing system for real-time event unlocks that requires a brief internet connection with a Nintendo Account linked. You need Version 1.11.1a with the ‘a‘ specifically to be unlocked on your game, as displayed in the top right of the title screen.

This system is used with the intention of preventing players from time traveling weeks in advance to the event before the real-time date has approached, but it has a nasty side effect of creating extra trouble for some users who don’t have their Nintendo Switch setup properly.

Last year’s Halloween Event with Jack in 2020 didn’t actually use this unlock system, making the event available at any point during October without the need for any additional steps. However for 2021, Nintendo decided to make use of the unlock system again causing issues for some players.

How To Unlock Halloween Event 2021

In order to enjoy the Halloween Event with Jack this year on October 31st, you need your copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons to be set at Version 1.11.1a or later on the game’s title screen. Here’s the main requirements you should ensure that you are fulfilling…

Active Internet Connection

First of all, your Nintendo Switch requires an active and working internet connection when starting up Animal Crossing: New Horizons in order to properly unlock Version 1.11.1a with Jack’s Halloween Event.

Once this has been completed once and the correct version is unlocked, an internet connection is no longer required.

User With Linked Nintendo Account

When launching Animal Crossing: New Horizons, ensure that you are selecting a User account that is properly linked to a Nintendo Account. This is required to properly unlock Version 1.11.1a with Jack’s Halloween Event.

Just like an internet connection, this only has to be done once. Afterwards, you can enjoy the event with any other User, even without a linked Nintendo Account.

Restart Your Game

Finally, make sure you’ve restarted your Animal Crossing: New Horizons game after meeting these conditions so that unlocking Version 1.11.1a can process! It’s common for Animal Crossing players to leave their game open indefinitely in the background without fully closing it, so this could be a problem for some fans.

You should hopefully now be able to see Version 1.11.1a in the top right of your game’s title screen and enjoy Jack’s Halloween Event on October 31st after 5PM! If you’re reading this article after the date has passed, it will still be possible to time travel backwards once on Version 1.11.1a.

Be sure to check out our complete guide to the Halloween Event with Jack on October 31st here if you need any help!

The vast majority of Animal Crossing: New Horizons players shouldn’t have any trouble with experiencing the Halloween Event, so we do apologise if this article comes across as useless to many of our readers. However, we hope this was helpful for you if you happen to be someone who ran into issues!

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