Infamous Froggy Chair Returns To Animal Crossing: New Horizons In Version 2.0

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A long national nightmare is over as Animal Crossing’s infamous Froggy Chair item has returned at long last to the series with next month’s Version 2.0 Update!

During the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct broadcast earlier today, it didn’t take long at all for fans to quickly realize that the elusive chair made an appearance during one of the many interior design scenes that Nintendo showed off.

For those unfamiliar, the Froggy Chair is a rather quirky furniture item resembling a frog seen in all past Animal Crossing games prior to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It’s nothing particularly special, but when a player sits on it, the item makes a squishing sound almost resembling a fart — similar to the Whoopee Cushion added in an update for April Fool’s Day.

During the immense hype for New Horizons in the fall of 2019 prior to its release, the Froggy Chair became somewhat of a meme sensation after a popular crossover of the ‘It’s a small price to pay for salvation’ meme was spread around with many variations.

But now it’s back at long last, so you can have this strange creature in your own home again if you wish. It looks like the customizable re-colors from Animal Crossing: New Leaf have made a return as well, with a yellow color chair seen in another scene from the Direct. That yellow version is so rarely seen in the memes that I nearly forgot it even existed in New Leaf!

Presumably, there are even more colors beyond that in store, but we’ll just have to wait until November 5th when the Version 2.0 Update releases to find out for sure. For the record, purple and red versions were also available in New Leaf.

To be quite honest, this author here isn’t much of a Froggy Chair fan personally, but I respect that it’s become an iconic piece of furniture for many fans at this point for better or worse. I highly doubt it’s a pure coincidence that Nintendo included multiple scenes with the item!

With how many furniture items from past Animal Crossing games were found to be missing at the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it’s certainly symbolic to some degree that we’re seeing a return of the Froggy Chair, among many other items.

When the game did first release in March 2020, it took only mere hours after a copy was leaked on the internet for dataminers to go searching for evidence of the Froggy Chair — only to come up completely empty handed, with nearly 20,000 likes on a tweet that reported the news.

In many ways, that was a major sign of what was to come with Animal Crossing: New Horizons as it foretold how many other major sets of furniture wouldn’t be found in the game. But we’ve come full circle now with November’s major update finally making things right with many new furniture items becoming available!

Let us know your thoughts on the return of the Froggy Chair in the comments below, and be sure to follow all of our in-depth coverage of today’s Animal Crossing news:

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