Join Jack For Halloween Night Event 2021 In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tonight!

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Happy Halloween everyone! The spookiest day of the year has finally arrived and Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be celebrating tonight with you if you’re playing in real time!

If you haven’t got any interesting activates to partake in on Halloween this year, why not consider joining your villagers on Animal Crossing with some sweet tricks and tricks?

The Halloween Night event festivities begin in Animal Crossing: New Horizons at 5PM local time on your island running all the way until Midnight. During this time the atmosphere gets spooky, villagers put on fun costumes looking to trick or treat, and Jack the Pumpkin Czar shows up for a visit!

Having trouble seeing the event? You need to ensure your game is on Version 1.11.1alearn more about how to fix this issue here.

Throughout the evening, you can collect both Candy and Lollipops from your villagers. Then by exchanging them back to other villagers or Jack, a variety of exclusive Halloween themed furniture items and clothing can be unlocked!

These items make up the other part of the Spooky Set items that have been found in Nook’s Cranny and other places during the rest of the month until now, so you’ll want to participate to complete the set. Most notable of all, that includes the amazing Spooky Carriage furniture item featured below!

You’ll also be able to get your hands on Jack’s costume pieces, so you can dress up just like him anytime, and a few other goodies. Two new Halloween themed Reactions called Haunt and Scare can be learned as well.

For a complete rundown of absolutely everything going on in tonight’s Halloween Event including rewards and tips, check out our complete Jack’s Halloween Event Guide & Rewards here!

Of course if you’re unable to play today for any reason, it’s worth reminding that this event is not based on a server time based event or anything — you can always time travel back to October 31st later if you miss it. It’s always more fun to experience these holidays in real time though!

Is There Anything New For Halloween Night 2021?

Sadly, it appears from our experience that there have been major changes to the Halloween Event for 2021 with the most recent update, unlike some other major events this year like May Day that received updates. There are of course some new Sp0oky Set items, but those have been available all month long during October.

If you missed out on last year’s event due to burning out on Animal Crossing: New Horizons earlier in the year though, or are just excited to play thanks to the upcoming update on November 5th, we still suggest popping in for a spooky Halloween night session!

Let us know in the comments below how the Halloween Event goes for you, if you get everything you wanted, and how you think of this version of Halloween in Animal Crossing stacks up.

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