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Town Initiatives (Quests / Missions) Guide

Town Initiatives are a new daily and weekly quest/mission-like system implemented in Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s Welcome amiibo update. With town initiatives, you can receive the new MEOW Coupon currency by completing simple tasks on a daily and weekly basis.

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Viewing and Completing Town Initiatives

You can find your currently available town initiatives under the red Town Pass Card tab on the touch screen at any time.

There are two types of missions:

  • Daily initiatives first appear at 6AM every day and expire at 6AM the following in-game day.
  • Weekly initiatives appear every Monday at 6AM and expire at 6AM the following Monday morning. They reward three MEOW Coupons each.

To complete a mission, follow the instructions in your Town Pass Card and head to the Town Hall after fulfilling an initiative’s requirements. Interact with the new CAT Machine outside the Town Hall to finish initiatives and receive your MEOW Coupon reward. Generally, initiatives reward between one to three coupons depending on difficulty and whether it is daily or weekly.

It’s worth noting town initiatives are specific to each player, so you can play secondary characters to complete more initiatives and earn more coupons each day. It’s not possible to trade MEOW Coupons directly between players, but the items earned with them can be shared.

Check out our full guide on MEOW Coupons and how to spend them here.

List of Weekly and Daily Town Initiatives (Quests / Missions)

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