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Candy Cluster Muster February Seasonal Event Guide

The Candy Cluster Muster Seasonal Event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (iOS and Android) has begun and runs until February 24th! In this seasonal event, collect Superstar Sweets throughout the event by participating in the limited-time gardening, scavenging, and fishing events.

How to Get Superstar Sweets

The main way to get Superstar Sweets during this seasonal event is to participate in every major Pocket Camp event happening in February. This includes a gardening event, a gyroidite scavenger event, and a fishing tourney event. Each event will award you Superstar Sweets when you participate in them.

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For example, during the Pelly’s Flight of Passion gardening event, you can earn Superstar Sweets by completing Event Goals for catching rare heartbeatles creatures to complete tasks.

If you’re impatient or missed out on some of the events, you can purchase the Candy Cluster Muster Seasonal Pack up to 5 times for $1 each. The pack contains 30 Leaf Tickets and 5 Superstar Sweets. We don’t think it’s necessary at all to purchase the pack if you play Pocket Camp’s events frequently, but it’s an option if you need to catch up or want peace of mind.

Candy Cluster Muster Seasonal Event Goals & Rewards

There are three candy themed rewards, in addition to Leaf Tickets, available for collecting Superstar Sweets during the seasonal event period. When you collect enough Superstar Sweets for a goal, complete the goal under the goals menu found by tapping the candy icon on the right side of the screen at your campsite.

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You need to collect 60 Superstar Sweets to complete the first page of goals. Check out the rewards and their requirements below:

Collect 1 Superstar SweetLollipop Headband + 2000 Bells
Collect 10 Superstar Sweets10 Leaf Tickets + 30 Fertilizer
Collect 20 Superstar SweetsGumball Machine + 2000 Bells
Collect 40 Superstar Sweets10 Leaf Tickets + Fishing Tourney Net
Collect 60 Superstar SweetsCotton-Candy Cloud + 2000 Bells

If the same trends as the two previous seasonal events stay the same, the three major events will provide up to 30 Superstar Sweets each, requiring you to fully participate in at least two out of the three events to reach 60 Superstar Sweets for completion of the first page.

When the Candy Cluster Muster seasonal event ends on February 24th, all remaining Superstar Sweets will be exchanged into Bells automatically and sent to your mailbox. They cannot be transferred over to future seasonal events.

Major Candy Cluster Muster Events & Dates

As you’ll need to collect Superstar Sweets from participating in major events throughout the month, it’s good to know what those events are and when they are taking place to plan ahead. Here’s a look at the three major events happening in February that you can earn Superstar Sweets from:

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Pelly’s Flight of Passion Gardening Event

Pelly’s Flight of Passion is a gardening event where you plant flowers in your campsite garden in hopes of collecting rare heartbeatles for Pelly. Complete tasks to collect both furniture and clothing items, as well as Superstar Sweets.

The event ran from January 31st to February 10th. Up to 30 Superstar Sweets could be collected during this event.

Valentine’s Jam Session Gyroidite Hunt

Valentine’s Jam Session is an item scavenger event where you search around Pocket Camp’s various locations to find special Scarlet Gyroidite items on the ground and in trees. Collect them to craft new jam session items, and to complete Event Goals for Superstar Sweets.

The event will runs from Feburary 8th to February 14th. It’s expected that up to 30 Superstar Sweets can be collected during this event, based on previous trends.

Fishing Tourney #11

Fishing Tourney #11 is a fishing tournament event where you catch sparkling tourney fish in the ocean and turn them into Chip. Reach total-size goal milestones for this event to earn new items and Superstar Sweets.

The event will take place in Mid February shortly after the Valentine’s Jam Session Gyroidite Hunt event concludes. It’s expected that up to 30 Superstar Sweets can be collected during this event, based on previous trends.

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