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Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #10: Gyroidite Collection Event Guide

The Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #10: Gyroidite Collection event has begun in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android! The event runs from May 13th to 21st, 2019. Learn how to find Kingly Gyroidites for crafting gyroid event items in our complete guide!

How to Find and Collect Kingly Gyroidites

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In this event, you’ll be hunting down and collecting special Kingly Gyroidites to craft event items. They’re a special item that appear in-game almost anywhere across the map during the event. The only locations you won’t find them at is your campsite, garden, and cabin — so that means you can even find them at the Marketplace or OK Motors!

Sometimes you’ll see them in plain sight on the ground, while other times they are cleverly hidden behind obstructions or inside trees. Regardless of where it is, just tap the Kingly Gyroidite when you see one somewhere to have your character pick it up and add it to your collection!

As for timing and when they spawn, there’s two important things you need to know about hunting down Kingly Gyroidites:

  • Kingly Gyroidites appear at a rate of about one per every four minutes in a random location where they can spawn, which is basically anywhere besides your campsite, garden, and cabin.
  • A hard limit of around 18 Gyroidites present on the map at once is in place. This means that after all 18 have spawned, no more additional gyroidites will appear and they need to be collected for spawning to continue.

For the most optimal collecting Gyroidite strategy, check on your game about once every hour and 15 minutes to ensure you don’t exceed the maximum limit of gyroidites on the map at once. Due to the limit, you shouldn’t intentionally wait for more than that time in hopes of ‘saving up’ because no more will spawn once the limit is reached.

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Note that some of these details are different than past events as changes to spawning were made in the three most recent gyroidite events.

Getting Kingly Gyroidites via Shovelstrike Quarry, Villagers, Purchases

Finding Kingly Gyroidites on the ground and in trees isn’t the only way to get them though! You can also grab them through three other ways:

  • At select random times throughout the day, the Shovelstrike Quarry offers Kingly Gyroidites as a reward! You’ll know when you see the gyroidite icon on the map. Enter for free by seeking help from five friends, or pay 20 Leaf Tickets to enter instantly.
  • Periodically, the villagers at your campsite can be spoken with to receive friendship points, bells, or materials as a gift. During a Gyrodite Scavenger Hunt event, campers will sometimes give Kingly Gyroidites too alongside other gifts. Don’t forget to check on them often!
  • If you’re willing to open up your wallet, gyroidites can be purchased as part of a limited-time Leaf Ticket bundle. The Gyroidite-Jammed Pack offers 100 Leaf Tickets and 20 Kingly Gyroidites for $3.99 up to 5 times.

How to Craft Gyroid Event Items

Got some lovely Kingly Gyroidites in your inventory from collecting all day? It’s time to start crafting this event’s gyroidite furniture and hat! Get started by tapping on the Event tab in the Craft menu at the bottom of your screen. Tap on an item to begin crafting it assuming you’ve collected enough gyroidites!

This event features a set of eight gyroidite statues, figures, and display furniture and one hat. Here’s the complete list of what you can craft with Kingly Gyroidites during Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #10 Gyroidite Collection:

Denim-Gyroidite Figure30 Kingly Gyroidites
Jellied-Gyroidite Figure30 Kingly Gyroidites
Darling-Gyroidite Figure30 Kingly Gyroidites
Gyroidite Figure30 Kingly Gyroidites
Kingly-Gyroidite Figure50 Kingly Gyroidites
Kingly-Gyroidite Statue500 Kingly Gyroidites

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Additionally, two more items can only be purchased with Leaf Tickets:

Gyroidite Headpiece30 Leaf Tickets
Gyroidite-Figure Display80 Leaf Tickets
Gyroidite Statue200 Leaf Tickets

Event Goals: Get Pitchplumes and Free Leaf Tickets!

Be sure to check out the Event Goals available for a limited time during the Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #10: Gyroidite Collection event. By completing these goals, you can unlock important Pitchplumes items for progress towards the Feather Fury Seasonal Event in May. Free Leaf Tickets are up for grabs in the goals too!

Unlike some past Gyroidite Scavenger events, the gyroidites you collect from the quarry, villagers, or the paid Leaf Ticket bundles all count towards event goals! Previously, the gyroidites had to be picked up from the map to count.

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