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Complete Holiday / Christmas Event Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Guide

2018 UPDATE: Looking for information on the December 2018 holiday Christmas events? This guide is for the 2017 event — head over to the Toy Day Decor Holiday Seasonal Event Guide or Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #6 Event Guide for 2018!

The Christmas / Holiday event has begun in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android! It runs from November 30th, 2017 until December 25th, 2017. Learn how to get candy cane materials, santa outfit clothing, craft new holiday furniture, and more in our guide!

How to Get Candy Cane Crafting Materials

Candy Canes are the primary method of crafting Christmas and Holiday themed furniture in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. There are three main ways to obtain these special holiday crafting materials during the event.

Complete Villager Requests for Candy Canes

The most obvious method to obtain Candy Canes is to simply play the game as you normally would and complete requests from villagers at the camp locations and your own campsite. Whenever you complete a request, there is a chance of receiving Candy Canes in addition to regular rewards.

From our research so far, you can expect to gain between 0 to 6 Candy Canes per completed request. On average, it works out to be about 1.2 Candy Canes per request when accounting for times when you are awarded zero materials. There’s a heavy element of randomness here, so you may go through dry spells of very few materials but it should speed back up eventually.

Complete Timed Goals for Candy Canes

The other main way you can gain Candy Canes is by completing the limited time holiday quests in the Timed Goals section of your Goals menu. There are seven timed goals available that offer Candy Canes as reward totalling up to 300 Candy Canes if you complete all of them. None of them are particularly difficult and you should aim to finish all seven.

  • Complete 3 requests for visiting animals: 20 Candy Canes
  • Complete 10 requests for visiting animals: 40 Candy Canes
  • Craft Jingle checked sofa: 20 Candy Canes
  • Craft Mountain of presents: 20 Candy Canes
  • Craft Jingle checked bed: 40 Candy Canes
  • Craft Jingle snow globe: 80 Candy Canes
  • Craft Festive streetlight: 80 Candy Canes

We recommend crafting the furniture that rewards Candy Canes through these Timed Goals first before other holiday furniture, so you can use the rewards to craft the rest of the holiday items later.

Enter the Shovelstrike Quarry for Candy Canes

A third bonus method you can use to obtain Candy Canes is by visiting the Shovelstrike Quarry at an opportune time. Every three hours, the quarry will change which item is currently offered as a bonus reward in addition to Bells. During this Holiday / Christmas event, the quarry can offer the Candy Canes as a possible bonus reward.

We recommend trying to wait out the quarry each day until the Candy Canes are possibly offered as a reward, but you could risk missing out for the entire day if it doesn’t come up and you forget to enter the quarry at all. It’s up to you if you want to take the gamble — the Shovelstrike Quarry tends to offer between 24-34 Candy Canes when available from our research so far.

How to Get The Complete Santa Clothing Outfit

Upon logging into Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for the first time during the Holiday event, every player receives a free Santa hat item beginning the Santa clothing set. There are four more additional pieces of this outfit to be obtained exclusively through Timed Goals.

Here’s how to get the complete Santa outfit:

  • Santa hat: free upon first log-in
  • Santa coat: craft Jingle fence
  • Santa skirt: complete 70 requests for visiting animals
  • Santa pants: complete 30 requests for visiting animals
  • Santa boots: craft Jingle checked rug

How to Get The Complete Holiday 2017 Furniture Items Set

There are eleven new Holiday 2017 furniture items to craft during this event for decorating your campsite and camper. You will need to collect Candy Cane crafting materials and use them in conjunction with bells to craft the new holiday items. Find them under the Special tab in the crafting menu.

Here’s how to get the complete Holiday 2017 furniture set:

  • Big festive cake: 20 Candy Canes, 100 Bells
  • Festive bow tree: 100 Candy Canes, 500 Bells
  • Festive fireplace: 300 Candy Canes, 800 Bells
  • Festive streetlight: 100 Candy Canes, 500 Bells
  • Jingle checked bed: 50 Candy Canes, 300 Bells
  • Jingle checked rug: 50 Candy Canes, 300 Bells
  • Jingle checked sofa: 20 Candy Canes, 100 Bells
  • Jingle fence: 50 Candy Canes, 300 Bells
  • Jingle snow globe: 100 Candy Canes, 500 Bells
  • Mountain of presents: 20 Candy Canes, 100 Bells
  • Three-ball snowman: 300 Candy Canes, 800 Bells

In addition to the above craftable items, we have found an extra Red stuffed stocking item in the Holiday 2017 catalog that doesn’t seem to be obtainable yet. Our guess is that this item will be available as a present on December 25th but that’s just speculation for now.

Can You Craft Every Holiday Item for Free?

Based on an initial analysis of the holiday event’s rewards and items, we think you can definitely obtain every item in this event without spending a single dime on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

There are eleven furniture items to craft for a total of 1,110 Candy Canes to obtain all of them. With 300 Candy Canes available through the Timed Goals, you need to get 810 crafting materials through other methods over the course of the event. The Timed Goals are completely reasonable and consist of crafting the cheaper items you would anyway and completing regular villager requests.

The event runs until December 25th at 10:00PM Pacific Time giving 26 full in-game days to craft the exclusive holiday rewards. Based on needing 810 extra candy canes apart from the timed goals, this means you need to collect about 31 Candy Canes per day via villager requests or Shovelstrike Quarry, providing you start right away from the beginning of the event and play every single day.

Using our researched average of about 1.2 Candy Canes per villager request, you need to complete about 26 requests per day to stay on track for crafting every event item. This is simply an average though — you may have better luck. Collecting extra candy canes from the Shovelstrike Quarry or completing more villager requests per day can help you craft multiple of some items and allow you to skip some days.

That just about covers everything notable in this first event for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! If you have any suggestions for other topics worth adding to this guide, spot any possible errors, or have research data you would like to contribute to improve the guide, please leave a comment below.

Contribution credits: brutalitea, mogyay, gyro, VanessaMay18